Basilur winter teas - discover warming flavors!

Winter tea is the perfect drink for cold evenings , during which it will provide you with pleasant relief and warm your body yearning for warmth. This is possible thanks to aromatic spices, citrus fruits and sweet syrups, which are a perfect addition to classic infusions. Basilur has a wide range of warming teas that will provide your senses with a real treat during the frosty season!

Winter teas by Basilur

Masala Chai

Basilur Masala Chai warming black tea with spices.

It's tea straight from the Orient! Basilur Masala Chai is inspired by expressive Indian blends. It combines the taste of black Ceylon tea with intense and aromatic spices - cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and pepper.


Basilur Blackcurrant black winter tea with black currant.

Blackcurrant is a perfect tea for lovers of sweet and tart flavor combinations . It is composed of black tea leaves , white cornflower and black currant fruit. A cup of hot infusion will certainly warm and sweeten frosty evenings!


Folk Rainbow

Basilur Folk Rainbow black winter tea with cherry.

Fruit tea in packaging reminiscent of winter, sweater colors? Folk Rainbow will surprise you not only with its unique cone graphics , but above all with its taste! Black tea has been enriched with floral notes and expressive cherry accents.


Alpine Lake

Basilur Alpine Lake warming black tea with spices.

Basilur Alpine Lake is a truly warming mixture! It was composed of Ceylon black tea leaves, orange flowers, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg and pepper. The spicy taste and aroma will make you forget about the cold surrounding you!


Frosty Day

Basilur Frosty Day black winter tea with cranberries.

The composition of black loose-leaf tea with the addition of mango, white cornflower and cranberries will envelop your senses and provide sweet refreshment. A beautifully decorated tin with a winter landscape will be perfect as a gift for a loved one!

Frosty Night

Basilur Frosty Night black winter tea with vanilla and almonds.

It is a blend that combines the classic taste of black tea with floral notes - barberry, wild rose, cornflower and safflower. The sweet and subtle addition of vanilla and almonds will surely pleasantly surprise you! Frosty Night tea was enclosed in a decorated cone with a winter landscape motif.

Rooibos Orange Ginger

Basilur Rooibos Orange Ginger red winter tea with orange and ginger.

Rooibos is an ideal product for people who limit or avoid caffeine consumption. The infusion with a beautiful red color combines the taste and aroma of orange leaves , ginger, lemongrass and orange peel.

Citrus Set

Basilur Citrus Zest warming black tea with Chai and orange aroma.

Citrus Zest from the Black Essence collection is an intense tea with an oriental twist! It consists of carefully selected Ceylon black tea leaves , orange, ginger, cinnamon and Chai aroma. The whole thing was placed in an elegant can , which is a perfect gift for fans of spicy drinks.


Basilur Cardamom warming black tea with cardamom.

Cardamom is a perfect composition for tea lovers who appreciate distinct flavor accents! Black tea leaves were carefully selected and then combined with cardamom, giving the classic infusion a spicy accent.

Winter Tea

Basilur Winter Tea black winter tea with cranberries.

As the name suggests, this is the perfect tea to spice up the winter season! Basilur Winter Tea will not only provide your taste buds with a fruity accent of cranberries combined with traditional black tea, but will also have a positive effect on your immunity , strengthening it.

Winter Stars

Basilur Winter Stars black winter tea with blackberry and vanilla.

This warming tea will delight you with its scent! Basilur Winter Stars is a real variation of classic , floral and sweet accents. It is composed of black tea with the addition of pineapple, cornflower, blackberries and vanilla.

Ginger & Orange

Basilur Ginger & Orange green winter tea with orange and ginger.

Basilur Ginger & Orange is a proposition for fans of green teas , whose mild taste has been enriched with notes of expressive, spicy ginger and sweet and sour orange . Express bags make brewing an infusion extremely convenient and quick.


Red Hot Ginger

Basilur Red Hot Ginger caffeine-free fruit tea with ginger and orange.

Red Hot Ginger gives an infusion with a spicy ginger flavor and a sweet, pleasant scent. This decaffeinated blend of hibiscus, rosehips , apple, papaya, ginger and orange peel will warm your body and illuminate your skin.

Frosty Evening

Basilur Frosty Evening black winter tea with orange and tangerine.

An excellent combination of the noble taste typical of black tea with the fruity sweetness of apricots and the sourness of oranges. Basilur Frosty Evening is not only characterized by a pleasant and soothing taste, but also, thanks to citrus fruits, it emits an amazing aroma!

Act IV Fireworks

Basilur Act IV Fireworks black winter tea with cinnamon and apple pie aroma.

Act IV Fireworks tea from the Winter Theater collection is a unique gift idea for your loved ones! Black Ceylon tea with cinnamon, marigold and apple pie aroma was placed in 3D packaging with a motif of a city shown on a winter night, which is illuminated by fireworks.

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