Valentine's Day gifts - discover romantic Basilur teas!

Are you looking forward to Valentine's Day ? February 14 is approaching inevitably, slowly introducing a unique atmosphere filled with love into our everyday lives. If you are looking for the perfect tea gift for your loved one on Valentine's Day , Basilur is here to help.

Get to know the amazing flavor combinations of teas placed in beautiful gift packaging that will express your feelings better than a thousand spoken words, and will also help you introduce a romantic Valentine's Day atmosphere full of feelings and warmth!

Valentine's Day Cupids.

Basilur teas are perfect for a Valentine's Day gift

Rose Fantasy

Basilur Rose Fantasy green tea with rose and hibiscus.

An infusion whose scent brings to mind a garden full of enchantingly fragrant roses? This is how you can describe Rose Fantasy , which combines the delicate taste of Ceylon green tea with floral accents . After brewing, the drink turns a beautiful pink color and emits a seductive aroma from the cup!

Majestic Ed

Basilur Majestic Red black tea with the aroma of red wine.

Basilur Majestic Red is a distinctive composition that brings to mind the tart taste of red wine! The tea uniquely combines the traditional notes of Ceylon black tea with the taste of grapes, floral accents of hibiscus and rose, and the sweetness of raisins. Taste the sensual mixture enclosed in a beautifully shimmering pink can!

English Rose & Dimbula

2 in 1 tea set. Basilur English Rose & Dimbula in a can.

If you can't decide which flavor of infusion will be the right one, reach for the 2 in 1 set! English Rose & Dimbula contains, in a can decorated with a floral motif , two blends of aromatic black teas. English Rose was composed of delicate leaves , which were then combined with rose petals . Dimbula, on the other hand, is a real classic with a refreshing taste and a golden-orange color of the infusion.


Basilur Sardonyx black tea with orange and pineapple.

The decorated box contains a wonderfully scented Sardonyx mixture that will delight your loved one with its sweet and sour taste! Black Ceylon tea, the leaves of which have been carefully selected, have been enriched with safflower, white cornflower and the aroma of orange and pineapple.

Wild Rose

Basilur Wild Rose caffeine-free fruit tea with apple, rose and lemon. Express form.

A fruity and floral blend without caffeine consisting of hibiscus, wild rose, orange peel, apple, stevia leaves and the aroma of apple, rose and lemon will certainly appeal to fans of sweet flavors . Basilur Wild Rose delights with its subtle notes , which are highlighted by a pleasant, refreshing aroma!

Bouquet Assorted

Basilur Bouquet Assorted green tea set. 4 flavors in a book-shaped can.

The set from the Bouquet collection is a perfect item for green tea lovers! The book-shaped can contains 4 flavors - classic Sencha, sweet Cream Fantasy, refreshing Green Freshness and milky White Magic.


Basilur Present Pink green tea with rose, mango and strawberry.

Basilur Present Pink is the perfect choice for a Valentine's Day gift! It will delight you not only with its taste, which includes classic and subtle notes of green tea combined with jasmine, pineapple, wild rose, mango and strawberry, but also with its wonderful packaging, decorated with a romantic flower motif.

Love Story Vol. II

A mixture of black and green tea, Basilur Love Story Vol. II, with the addition of almonds and rose.

Black or green tea? You don't have to answer this question because Love Story Vol. II contains both! The effect of combining black and green tea leaves is amazing because it combines expressiveness with subtlety. The taste and aroma of the infusion are topped with floral and sweet accents of amaranth, rose and almonds.

Music Concert Romantic

Basilur Music Concert Romantic green tea with a hint of coffee, vanilla and cream in a can (music box).

Choose Basilur Music Concert Romantic if you want a unique and unique gift! Ceylon green tea has been enriched with floral accents of rose and the sweetness of vanilla and pineapple - this combination will certainly remain in your memory for a long time. The whole thing was enclosed in a can, which is actually a music box playing an atmospheric and romantic melody.

Pink Tea

Basilur Pink Tea Assorted green tea set with sweet aromas.

Pink Tea is a real bomb of sweetness! This exclusive set includes 4 unique flavors - Candy Floss, Cherry Ice Cream, Marshmallow and Forest Gateau. Green tea , which is the base in these mixtures, has been combined with, among others: with a taste of cotton candy , cherry ice cream , marshmallows and Swiss cake.

Peach Rose

Basilur Peach Rose white tea with apricot, peach and rose.

White tea is an excellent choice for those who like delicate infusions with a subtle taste and aroma. Basilur Peach Rose is a combination of the most delicate tea leaves from China with fruity notes of apricot and peach, as well as floral accents of rose and marigold.

Floral Fantasy Vol. I

Basilur Floral Fantasy Vol. I green tea with hibiscus, mint and rose.

Tea from the Floral Fantasy collection is a wonderful combination of young green tea leaves with hibiscus, peppermint and rose petals, which, after brewing, give an infusion with a delicate taste and beautiful aroma. The mixture was placed in a pink can (book) decorated with a floral motif , which, thanks to its shape, will be a great gift!

Rose Bergamot

Basilur Rose Bergamot black tea with bergamot and rose.

Rose Bergamot is a proposition addressed to Earl Gray lovers . Ceylon black tea leaves were combined with rose and orange flowers, as well as the aroma of bergamot and rose. This floral composition will charm your other half with its sweetness!

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