Gifts for Grandparents' Day - teas that will delight

Grandparents' Day is the perfect opportunity to remind them how much we love them and that we remember them . Giving a gift on this holiday can be a pleasant surprise that will give the elderly a feeling of being supported and loved by the people closest to them.

The variety and richness of flavors and aromas of Basilur teas make them a perfect gift for grandma and grandpa! In this entry, we will try to help you find the perfect tea gift and present some compositions that, in our opinion, will be perfect for this purpose.

How to choose the perfect tea for Grandma and Grandpa?

First of all, you should take into account several aspects when looking for the perfect tea as a gift. Taste preferences , packaging aesthetics and caffeine content are important. Basilur offers its customers a wide range of teas - the assortment includes both classic compositions and those with floral , fruit and spicy additions. For people who should limit or even avoid caffeine consumption, there are also teas that do not contain it.

Basilur teas as a gift for Grandma's and Grandpa's Day

Earl Gray Assorted

A set of Basilur Earl Gray teas in various versions.

Various versions of the classic Earl Gray tea in a gift box . Black tea with bergamot was combined with lavender , orange , mandarin , and jasmine . Perfect for lovers of English blends!

Bouquet Assorted

A set of Basilur Bouquet green teas in various versions.

A set of Ceylon green teas combined with , among others , with strawberry , vanilla , peppermint leaves and milk aroma , which will especially appeal to fans of Chinese teas. A metal can with a beautiful floral motif will surely delight you!

Specialty Classics Assorted

Basilur Specialty Classics classic tea set.

An elegant tea holder in the form of a metal can with 6 types of tea is an ideal gift for connoisseurs of traditional flavors. It contains only the classics - Ceylon Premium, English Breakfast, Darjeeling, Sencha, Earl Gray and English Afternoon.

Vintage Blossoms Assorted

Basilur Vintage Blossoms floral tea set.

An exclusive set of teas in a beautifully decorated gift box . Compositions from the Vintage Blossoms collection are a unique combination of the classic taste of black and green tea with floral accents!


Basilur Special black tea made from the most delicate tea leaves.

Basilur Special tea is a classic with noble notes . The highest quality leaves that make up this mixture contribute to the richness of taste and aroma of the amber-colored infusion . The packaging in the form of a decorated, shimmering can will certainly attract attention!


Basilur Present Pink green tea with jasmine, strawberry and rose.

This romantic composition will steal the hearts of lovers of subtle and sweet mixtures ! Ceylon green tea was combined with jasmine , pineapple , wild rose , mango and strawberry , and then placed in a decorated can that resembles a box .

Oriental Collection No. 1

Basilur Oriental Collection No. oriental tea set 1.

Oriental Collection No. Set 1 is a perfect gift for people who appreciate both classic and intense flavors straight from the Orient . The book-shaped can contains 4 types of mixtures - fruity Magic Nights, traditional Golden Crescent, refreshing Moroccan Mint and spicy Masala Chai.

Floral Fantasy Volume II

Basilur Floral Fantasy Vol. II green tea with lime mint and amaranth.

Floral Fantasy Vol. II green tea is an addictive blend ! It is refreshing thanks to the addition of lime mint and delights with floral accents . A beautifully decorated box in the form of a book will certainly be a pleasant surprise.

Captain's Tea & Gampola

Basilur Captain's Tea & Gampola 2 in 1 black tea set.

Basilur Captain's Tea & Gampola allows you to create your own tea compositions! This 2-in-1 set contains two black teas - the first one contains bergamot and cinnamon , while the second one is composed of young FBOP Extra Special leaves , which give the infusion a distinctive taste .

Fruit Infusions Assorted

Basilur Fruit Infusions caffeine-free fruit tea set.

Infusions without theine? Fruit Infusion is a perfect set for fans of teas that do not contain caffeine . The package contains 4 floral and fruity flavor variations - Caribbean Cocktail, Indian Summer, Orange Peach and Forest Fruits.

Ceylon Premium

Basilur Ceylon Premium black tea with large Orange Pekoe leaves.

Ceylon Premium is black Ceylon tea composed of large Orange Pekoe leaves, which are plucked from the upper part of the bush . This mild essence will delight connoisseurs of traditional and noble flavors !

Crimson Paulownia Box

A set consisting of black tea from OP1 leaves and a wooden Paulownia box.

Crimson Paulownia Box is definitely an exclusive gift idea due to its limited and unique nature ! Black Ceylon tea from OP1 leaves was placed in a Crimson edition can , and the whole thing was closed in a wooden Paulownia box , which is a collector's item.

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