5 regions of Ceylon

Mapa Cejlonu z pięcioma regionami uprawy herbaty Basilur.
Basilur Kandy - liście czarnej herbaty cejlońskiej Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe z regionu Kandy.

Kandy is the birthplace of Ceylon tea
and the cultural capital of Sri Lanka.
In this district, tea is grown at altitude
from 600 to 1300 meters above sea level.

Tea leaves from local crops allow
enjoy a copper-tinted infusion,
intense spicy-malt taste and aroma.

Basilur tea from the Kandy region is recommended
to all people who appreciate strong teas.
It tastes great served with milk and sweets

Basilur Dimbula - liście czarnej herbaty cejlońskiej Broken Orange Pekoe z regionu Dimbula.

The history of teas from the Dimbula region dates back over a century.
This is one of the most popular high-mountain Ceylon teas.

It is grown at altitudes of 1,250 to 1,650 meters
above sea level. Gives a distinctive infusion with a golden-orange color and a refreshing taste,
which is synonymous with this region.

Basilur Dimbula is an extremely aromatic tea
perfect to start the day.

Basilur Nuwara Eliya - liście czarnej herbaty cejlońskiej Pekoe z wysokogórskiego regionu Nuwara Eliya.

Known for its delicate and exquisite taste,
Nuwara Eliya tea is grown at altitude
almost 2000 meters above sea level.

The climate characterizing this mountain region is low
temperatures and moderate rainfall - makes
that Nuwara Eliya tea gains a unique flavor bouquet.

It is not without reason that it is called the champagne of teas. Basilur Nuwara Eliya produces a delicate infusion with a straw color and a subtle taste with noticeable floral notes.

Basilur Uva - listki czarnej herbaty cejlońskiej Broken Orange Pekoe 1 z regionu Uva.

Tea from the Uva region is grown at altitude
from 900 to 1500 meters above sea level.

This picturesquely situated district is exposed to the north-eastern and south-west monsoons, which give the tea grown there a unique, exotic aroma.

It gives an extremely mild infusion with a copper color
and refreshing notes.

It tastes best from the end of July to mid-August,
when the best seasonal Uva teas are produced.

Basilur Ruhunu - listki czarnej herbaty cejlońskiej Broken Orange Pekoe 1 z nizinnego regionu Ruhunu.

Ruhuna lowland teas grow at an altitude not exceeding 600 meters above sea level.

The unique condition of the soil makes the tea bush
it grows quickly here and gives long, beautiful leaves.

The infusion of Basilur Ruhunu is very dark and strong
and has a slightly sweet taste. It tastes great when served
with milk and sweet additions.