Teas brewing pink!

The pink color is mainly associated with love, romance and innocence . But what associations come to mind when it comes to taste? Surely sweetness is what immediately came to your mind. Moreover, this color is associated with a rose scent and warmth , i.e. aspects that can also be attributed to tea infusions.

After brewing, the tea acquires different colors - black, green, yellow, white, red and... pink? Is this even possible? Yes! The color of your infusion mainly depends on the degree of oxidation of the tea leaves and the processing process , but it is also important what additives they are combined with - and this is the aspect we will focus on today.

In this entry, we will present not only the ingredients behind the pink color of teas and the benefits of drinking an infusion with their addition, but also present delicious compositions of the Basilur brand, which will certainly charm lovers of all shades of pink!

White cup with pink tea by Basilur.



What additives influence the production of pink tea?


Pink hibiscus flowers emit a rather subtle scent , but they make up for it with an intense, sour taste. The plant itself has many health properties. It was already known in ancient times for this reason, and in Egypt, hibiscus infusion was even called the red gold of the pharaohs. The benefits of the flower include anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties and those that help lower blood pressure and strengthen the body's immunity.

Hibiscus tea will certainly be of interest to people who want to take care of their figure! This is all due to the high content of fiber and unsaturated fatty acids, which give hibiscus its slimming properties. Moreover, it has a positive effect on digestion and is involved in cleansing the body of toxins.

Hibiscus flowers in a beautiful, juicy shade of pink.



This well- known vegetable has many health-promoting properties. It is an excellent source of large amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B1, calcium, magnesium and potassium . Thanks to this , it can play an important role in fighting anemia, keeping the body in good condition and strengthening immunity.

The intense, blood-red color of beetroot means that even a small addition of the vegetable to the tea composition significantly affects the final color of the infusion.

Pink teas by Basilur

Rose Fantasy from the Vintage Blossoms collection

Basilur Rose Fantasy green loose-leaf tea with hibiscus and rose in a cone.

The Rose Fantasy composition is a captivating combination of plant flavor extracted from the most delicate green tea leaves with sour hibiscus flower and rose petals. The whole produces an infusion with a subtle, slightly sweet taste , topped with floral notes. Discover tea that smells like a garden full of rose bushes!

Volume I from the Floral Fantasy collection

Basilur Floral Fantasy Vol. I green loose-leaf tea with hibiscus, mint and rose in a book-shaped tin.

This tea will delight you in every respect! Basilur Floral Fantasy Volume I is a combination of carefully selected Ceylon green tea leaves with hibiscus , peppermint and rose petals. After brewing, it produces an infusion with a beautiful pink color, subtle taste with a refreshing twist and a rose scent. A book-shaped can with tea inside is a perfect gift for your loved ones!


Assorted from the Pink Tea collection

Basilur Pink Tea Assorted. 4 flavors in a decorated teapot.

This set is a tribute to lovers of the pink color. Everything is pink here - from the decorated teapot, envelopes with tea bags to the color of the infusion . The package contains 4 variations of Ceylon green tea: Candy Floss, Cherry Ice Cream, Marshmallow and Forest Gateau. This is a real sweet bomb! The most important tea additions include the following aromas: cotton candy, cherry ice cream, marshmallows and Black Forest cake.

Majestic Red from the Wine Tea collection

Basilur Majestic Red loose leaf black tea with the addition of red wine aroma in a can.

Red wine and black tea? Basilur Majestic Red combines the best aspects of both drinks. The deep taste of black tea goes perfectly with the sourness typical of hibiscus and the aroma of wine , in which you can feel the tart aftertaste of grapes, the sweetness of raisins and subtle notes of rose. After brewing the mixture, the water turns a wonderful shade of pink, resembling the color of the can in which the tea is located.

Noni Plum from the Fruit Infusions collection

Basilur Noni Plum caffeine-free fruit tea with hibiscus, Indian mulberry, plum and citrus fruits in bags.

Basilur Noni Plum is a unique tea that perfectly combines tartness, sweetness and dryness. The mixture consists of hibiscus, wild rose, orange leaves, beetroot, orange, stevia and the aroma of Indian mulberry, plum and citrus. After brewing, it produces an infusion with exotic notes and a pink color, which is possible thanks to the addition of beetroot and hibiscus flowers.

Happiness from the Forever collection

Basilur Forever Happiness green loose-leaf tea with rose, cherry and hibiscus in a heart-shaped can.

It's a pure aphrodisiac packed in a pink and purple heart-shaped can! Forever Happiness is distinguished by a combination of intensely plant notes of Ceylon green tea with the sourness of cherries and hibiscus flowers and the sweetness of cherry ice cream. The whole produces an infusion with a slightly pink color and an enveloping scent. A perfect idea for a small gift for a loved one.

Pomegranate with Raspberry from the Fruit Infusions collection

Caffeine-free fruit tea Basilur Pomegranate with Raspberry with hibiscus and rose. pomegranate and raspberry in bags.

Pomegranate with Raspberry will appeal to lovers of infusions with a juicy, fruity flavor! Brewing a composition of hibiscus, wild rose, beetroot, orange, pomegranate, stevia with the aroma of pomegranate, raspberries and citrus fruits results in a tea with a pink color and an exotic character.

Floral Bouquet from the Vintage Blossoms collection

Basilur Floral Bouquet green loose-leaf tea with mint, hibiscus, lawnda and rose in a tin.

It is a wonderful mixture of the most delicate Ceylon green tea leaves, peppermint, lavender flowers, hibiscus, jasmine and the aroma of orange and rose . The subtle taste of tea goes perfectly with the refreshing accent of mint and orange , and the whole thing is wonderfully crowned with floral accents. The addition of hibiscus results in a delicate, pink color appearing in the cup after brewing.

Cherry Lime from the Cold Brew collection

Basilur Cherry Lime caffeine-free fruit tea with hibiscus, cherry and lime in bags.

Tea that delights with its taste both in hot and cold versions? The answer to this question is yes! After just the first sip of Basilur Cherry Lime, you will feel pleasant refreshment. And it's all thanks to the combination of sweet notes with a citrus , slightly sour aftertaste . The tea is a combination of rose hips, hibiscus, orange leaves, stevia with the aroma of cherry, lime and citrus .

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