Easter delicacies around the world – what teas go with them?

Easter is getting closer! The time has come when people all over the world are preparing to celebrate this joyful holiday with their loved ones. When we think about typical Easter sweets, the first thing that comes to mind is a chocolate bunny. However , in this entry we would like to draw attention to the baked goods and delicacies that appear on tables during Easter in different parts of the world. We will also mention Basilur teas , which will be an excellent addition to Easter delicacies.

Torrijas x Island of Tea , Gold

Torrijas, the Spanish version of French toast.

Torrijas are the Spanish version of French toast. This traditional dessert is valued not only because of its delicious taste , but also because it is a filling snack that can be prepared from commonly available products. These include bread, milk, eggs, olive oil, sugar and cinnamon. Toasts combined with classic Basilur Gold tea will create a wonderful combination of flavors - the expressive notes of black Ceylon tea will emphasize the rich taste of torrijas.

Basilur Gold black loose-leaf Ceylon tea in a can.

Pizzelle x Oriental Collection , Caramel Dream

Pizzelle, Italian cookies in the shape of snowflakes resembling waffles.

Pizzelle comes from Italy . These are delicate wafer cookies made of flour, eggs, sugar, butter, oil and anise or vanilla flavor. They resemble waffles , but are thicker and shaped, for example, into snowflakes. Combining pizzelle with Basilur Caramel Dream tea will enhance the sweetness and pleasure of eating Christmas wafers! Thanks to the infusion, the wafers will gain subtle notes of caramel.

Basilur Caramel Dream black loose-leaf Ceylon tea with caramel in a can.

Pene di Pasqua x Fruit Infusions , Blood Orange

Pene di Pasqua, Italian Easter bread.

Traditional Italian bread has become one of the basic delicacies of Easter celebrations around the world. It can be found in various versions - from buttery ones to those spiced and enriched with sweet additions. The Italian recipe is based on forming yeast dough into a bagel and placing a dyed, raw egg inside it. Basilur Blood Orange fruit infusion will give your pene di pasqua refreshing accents of juicy orange. This combination will be a real feast for the senses!

Basilur Blood Orange decaffeinated fruit tea with orange and cream in a cone.

Hot cross bun x Magic Fruits , Mango & Pineapple

Hot cross bun, hot cross buns originating from Great Britain.

Sweet cross buns seasoned with aromatic spices and sticky icing are a traditional Easter dessert served in British homes. Combining their taste with Basilur Mango & Pineapple black tea will result in delicious experiences. The buttery taste of baked goods will be enriched with refreshing accents of exotic fruits - sweet pineapple and mango. These are classic flavors with a tropical twist!

Basilur Mango & Pineapple Ceylon black tea with mango, pineapple and passion fruit in sachets.

Babka x Black Essence , Chocolate Mint

Babka, an Eastern European yeast cake with a characteristic shape with the so-called chimney inside.

Babka, originating from Eastern Europe, is a baked product with a very characteristic shape. Most often , yeast dough is arranged in the shape of a truncated cone with the so-called chimney inside. A typical addition to a pound cake is dried fruit or raisins , but you can also add chocolate, cinnamon or fruit - it all depends on the country where it is baked and also on your preferences. Combining the cake with Basilur Chocolate Mint tea will increase the pleasure of drinking the infusion, thanks to the deep accents of black Ceylon tea enriched with the wonderfully sweet aroma of chocolate and refreshing mint.

Black loose-leaf Ceylon tea Basilur Chocolate Mint with mint and chocolate in a can.

Pretzel x Specialty Classics , English Breakfast

Crispy pretzels with a unique shape and a salty flavor.

Pretzels come from Germany, but they are a popular bakery product in various European countries. They are known for their unique shape , which brings to mind the number 8 , and for their crunchy and salty taste. A cup of classic Basilur English Breakfast tea is the perfect addition to baking! Dipping a freshly baked and aromatic pretzel in hot tea provides delicious flavor combinations - a distinct and deep taste of black tea with salty accents of baking.

Basilur English Breakfast black loose-leaf Ceylon tea without additives in a cone.

Discovering a tea that will perfectly complement your Easter treat can lead to a more enjoyable eating and drinking experience . Don't hesitate, get inspired by this entry and enter the world of tea! Experiment with flavors and aromas and make this Easter unforgettable.

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