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Have you ever thought of combining your favorite tea with a hint of electricity? This may not be an obvious observation, but tea is an excellent base for drinks - both non-alcoholic and with alcohol. Preparing tea with an insert is extremely simple, but above all , remember about the right proportions! Do not overdo the amount of alcohol, because too much may mute the taste of both the tea infusion and additives such as: fruits, spices or herbs. Moderation is the key word in this case! Another important issue is matching the taste of the tea to the alcohol and the above-mentioned additives - we want these flavors to complement each other. And this is where our post comes in handy.

Discover which Basilur teas are the perfect base for drinks!


Which Basilur teas can be used to prepare drinks?

Assorted from the Blue Tea collection

A set of blue Basilur Blue Tea teas in a gift tea holder.

The blue tea set will allow you to prepare up to 4 drinks! The decorated gift tea box contains the following compositions:

  • Grand Lavender – with the aroma of lavender and blueberries.
  • Rosy Blue Pea – with the aroma of white rose and vanilla.
  • Sapphire Lotus – with the aroma of lotus flower and apple.
  • Zesty Elderflower – with the aroma of elderberry and orange.

Each of them contains a Ternatine clitoria. It is thanks to this extraordinary plant that magic happens when brewing tea! Well, clitoria is brewed into a beautiful, intense blue color, which resembles the color of a precious stone - sapphire.

Another surprising aspect of these compositions is that you can create your own color variations of the infusion. This is possible because clitoria is a pH-sensitive plant. You only need a few drops squeezed from a lemon! Thanks to them, as if by magic, the tea will change color from blue to pink-purple.

Thanks to these teas, you will successfully prepare a cosmic version of mohito! If you are bored with the classic version of this drink, add one of the teas from the Basilur Blue Tea set to the recipe. You can prepare the drink in an alcoholic version - with rum or vodka - or as a non-alcoholic cocktail.

Space version of mohito; a refreshing drink shimmering purple and blue.

Rose Fantasy from the Vintage Blossoms collection

Basilur Rose Fantasy green loose-leaf tea with hibiscus and rose petals in a cone.

Tea that smells like a garden full of captivating rose aromas? This is a perfect description of Rose Fantasy! Ceylon green tea leaves were combined with hibiscus flowers and rose petals, which provide sour notes. After brewing, the infusion acquires a slightly pink color, subtle taste and pleasant smell.

Create your own version of a martini! Mix Rose Fantasy with lime juice and alcohol, add ice cubes, and finally decorate with mint leaves and rose petals.

Rose Martini; a classic drink in a pink version with the addition of rose petals.

Peach Rose from the White Tea collection

Basilur Peach Rose white loose leaf tea with peach and rose in a cone.

Peach Rose is a composition that masterfully combines delicate white Ceylon tea leaves with the sweetness of apricot and peach and floral accents of rose petals and marigold . After brewing, the infusion acquires a light color and subtle taste.

What if we combined this delicate tea with a real classic among drinks? To prepare Hemingway, you only need a few ingredients - white rum, grapefruit juice, simple syrup, maraschino liqueur, ice and grapefruit slices. The addition of tea will enrich the taste of the drink with subtle, floral accents!

Hemingway; a refreshing drink with grapefruit enriched with delicately floral notes.

Pomegranate Blueberry from the Cold Brew collection

Basilur Pomegranate Blueberry caffeine-free fruit tea with pomegranate and blueberries in bags.

This tea is a real bomb of fruit flavor! The Pomegranate Blueberry mixture is composed of hibiscus, pomegranate, orange leaves, stevia and the natural aroma of pomegranate and blueberry. The infusion maintains a perfect balance between sweetness and tart accents typical of exotic fruits.

Teas from the Cold Brew collection stand out from other tea compositions! This is because they can be brewed in two ways - classically, by pouring hot water over the bag, or in the form of ice tea, i.e. with chilled water.

The taste of Pomegranate Bluberry will perfectly match the blueberry version of the Collins drink. Just combine crushed blueberries with tea, lemon juice and gin, mix everything thoroughly, and then pour the resulting drink into a glass filled with ice cubes. The final steps will be to fill the glass with sparkling water and decorate it with fresh blueberries.

Blueberry Collins; classic drink with gin, tonic and blueberries.

Caribbean Cocktail from the Fruit Infusions collection

Caffeine-free fruit loose leaf tea Basilur Caribbean Cocktail with pineapple and coconut in a cone.

This is an exotic tea! Caribbean Cocktail consists of dried fruit containing raisins, papaya, apple, cherry, hibiscus, orange peel, cornflower and the aroma of pineapple and coconut .

This sweet infusion is perfect as a base for the well-known piña colada cocktail! To prepare it, you only need tea, light rum, milk or coconut syrup, pineapple juice and fresh pineapple pulp. Remember to mix all the ingredients well - only then you will get a fluffy, white drink with foam on top.

Pina Colada; a fluffy, white cocktail with foam on top with an exotic taste.

Berry Serenade from the Wine Tea collection

Basilur Berry Serenade black loose leaf tea with Sangria wine aroma in a can.

The composition of Basilur Berry Serenade was created with a traditional Spanish alcoholic drink in mind! Ceylon black tea leaves were combined with hibiscus, cranberry, apple, rose and sweet and sour fruit notes. The ingredients have been selected in such a way that the tea infusion closely resembles the taste and aroma of Sangria.

What can you combine Berry Serenade tea with to get a real Spanish drink? Add dry red wine, mineral water, pomegranate juice, orange liqueur, pomegranate seeds, mint leaves and pieces of orange, lime, lemon and apple to the brewed infusion. The combination of these ingredients will give a drink with a quite sweet taste and refreshing aroma.

Sangria; Spanish alcoholic drink with dry red wine and fruit.

Melon & Banana from the Magic Fruits collection

Basilur Melon & Banana green leaf tea with melon and banana in a cone.

The combination of young green tea leaves with mango, marigold and the aroma of melon and banana creates an infusion that brings to mind lazy summer afternoons! The plant character that comes to the fore after tasting the tea, over time gives way to juicy fruit notes.

Due to its mildness and refreshing properties , Melon & Banana can be safely added to the Gin Fizz drink. Preparing this cocktail is extremely simple! Just mix green tea, gin, lime juice and melon juice, pour it all into a glass with ice, top up the drink with sparkling water or tonic, and place melon slices on top.

Gin Fizz; refreshing cocktail with green tea, gin, lime, tonic and melon pieces.

Soursop from the Magic Fruits collection

Basilur Soursop green tea with graviola in bags.

Basilur Soursop is a composition that exquisitely enriches the plant flavor of Ceylon green tea with sweet and sour accents of graviola. This is a real delicacy among green tea lovers!

An infusion with the addition of graviola will go perfectly with a chilled, slightly bitter tonic, which is usually combined with refreshing and sour lime. To enhance the taste and aroma , you can add fresh mint leaves and gin to the drink. This combination of ingredients will result in an extremely refreshing drink with a slightly green color.

Gin and tonic; chilled drink with tea, fresh mint and lime.

If you want to discover the entire collection of teas that will be perfect as an ingredient in drinks, click on this link:


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