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The holidays are fast approaching! Students are certainly looking forward to June 21, the day on which the official end of the 2023/2024 school year will take place. The ceremony itself is not only about summarizing academic results, but is also an excellent opportunity to appreciate the work and commitment of teachers and educators who guide their students through the individual stages of their education.

If you know a teacher who is a tea lover, this entry will be a perfect help when looking for the right gift!

Tea as a gift?

Basilur teas are an excellent gift idea on their own or as an addition to a gift, all thanks to the amazing and sometimes unconventional combinations of flavors and aromas and carefully crafted packaging.

The aesthetics and shape of the boxes are important aspects when choosing teas, either for your own use or as a gift, because they are what we pay attention to first.

The Basilur brand offers unique forms of packaging - including:

  • Cardboard and metal tea holders
  • Cans in various shapes and colors
  • Metal packaging in the shape of opening books
  • Metal packaging in the shape of music boxes that play melodies when wound

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Gift suggestions for the end of the school year

Beautifully packaged tea is a perfect gift for a teacher. All you need to do is pay attention to the appearance of the packaging when looking for the right composition. This is what will make a good first impression!

Asia from the Breakfast collection

A set of Basilur Breakfast Asia express Ceylon teas in a book-shaped can.

Breakfast Asia is an exclusive set consisting of 4 flavors of tea inspired by infusions from various parts of Asia. A metal can in the shape of a book will certainly attract attention! And it's all thanks to carefully crafted graphics depicting a map and the colors of the packaging - intense, shimmering shades of orange.

Set contains:

  • Ceylon Breakfast - black Ceylon tea without additives.
  • Hong Kong Breakfast - Ceylon black tea without additives.
  • Indian Breakfast - black Ceylon tea with ginger, cloves, anise, nutmeg, cardamom, black pepper and cinnamon.
  • Kyoto Breakfast - white Ceylon tea with cherry.

London from the Music Concert collection

Basilur Music Concert London black loose-leaf Ceylon tea with chocolate and bergamot in a music box-shaped tin.

This is a perfect position for an English teacher!

A mixture of Ceylon black tea leaves, red cornflower, amaranth with the aroma of chocolate and bergamot gives a strong infusion with a deep flavor with a wonderfully sweet finish and a refreshing scent.

A variation on the character of the classic English Earl Gray tea was closed in a tin in the form of a music box , decorated with graphics showing famous places and symbols of Great Britain. When wound, the music box plays the melody of "London Bridge".


Yeah. 1 from the Oriental collection

A set of express Ceylon teas, Basilur Oriental Collection No. 1 in a book-shaped tin.

Intricately decorated with oriental patterns, the book contains 4 delightful tea compositions straight from the Middle East!

The set includes teas:

  • Magic Nights – Ceylon black tea with the aroma of strawberry, apricot, pineapple and papaya.
  • Golden Crescent – ​​black Ceylon tea without additives.
  • Moroccan Mint – Ceylon green tea with Moroccan and peppermint.
  • Masala Chai - Ceylon black tea with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and pepper.

Assorted from the Specialty Classics collection

A set of Basilur Specialty Classics express Ceylon teas in a metal teapot.

This is a set full of tea tradition!

The package contains 6 teas known among connoisseurs from all over the world:

  • Ceylon Premium – black Ceylon tea without additives.
  • English Breakfast – Ceylon black tea without additives.
  • Darjeeling – Indian black tea without additives.
  • Sencha – Ceylon green tea without additives.
  • Earl Gray – Ceylon black tea with bergamot aroma.
  • English Afternoon – Ceylon black tea without additives.

Black and gold elements give the metal can an elegant and exclusive character .

Special from The Island of Tea collection

Basilur Special black loose-leaf Ceylon tea without additives in a can.

A shimmering tin with a carefully crafted map on the lid will delight geography teachers!

Special is a composition of the most delicate leaves and young buds of Ceylon black tea, which was created for those who enjoy a strong and complex taste. After brewing , the infusion turns dark brown and emits a sweet, distinctive aroma.

Assorted from the Blue Tea collection

A set of Basilur Blue Tea express Ceylon teas in a gift tea holder.

Blue Tea is an original and unique collection of teas!

A beautifully decorated tea box in shades of blue contains 4 unique compositions based on Ceylon green tea leaves. These include:

  • Grand Lavender Ceylon green tea with lavender and blueberry aromas.
  • Rosy Blue Pea Ceylon green tea with white rose and vanilla aromas.
  • Sapphire Lotus – Ceylon green tea with aromas of lotus flower and apple.
  • Zesty Elderflower – Ceylon green tea with elderberry and orange aromas.

Each of them contains a Ternatine clitoria. It is thanks to this extraordinary plant that magic happens when brewing tea! Well, clitoria is brewed into a beautiful, intense blue color, which resembles the color of a precious stone - sapphire.

Jasmine Tea & Green Tea from the 2 in 1 collection

A set of loose-leaf Ceylon teas, Basilur Jasmine Tea & Green Tea, in a can.

Jasmine Tea & Green Tea brings you tea alchemist fun!

The cream tin with a jasmine flower pattern contains two different compositions. They have been selected in such a way that you can create your own tea variations.

The set includes teas:

  • Jasmine Tea – Ceylon green tea with jasmine.
  • Green – Ceylon green tea without additives.

Summer Fiesta from the Fruit Infusions collection

A set of Basilur Summer Fiesta express Ceylon teas without caffeine in a book-shaped can.

This is a set full of juicy fruit flavors and scents that will bring refreshment during the summer heat!

The metal book contains decaffeinated teas:

  • Forest Fruits – a mixture composed of: wild rose, organic hibiscus, orange, pomegranate and the aroma of strawberry, passion fruit and lemon.
  • Orange Peach a mixture composed of: organic hibiscus, chicory, orange, blackberry leaves and orange and peach aroma.
  • Blackcurrant & Blackberry a mixture composed of: organic hibiscus, blackberry leaves, orange and the aroma of strawberry, blackberry and blackcurrant.
  • Indian Summer a mixture composed of: organic hibiscus, wild rose, chicory, cinnamon, rose and the aroma of orange, rose and lemon.

Romantic from the Music Concert collection

Basilur Music Concert Romantic green loose-leaf Ceylon tea with rose, pineapple and vanilla in a music box-shaped tin.

Music Concert Romantic will steal the hearts of lovers of a romantic atmosphere!

Subtle rose notes deliciously intertwine with the sweetness of pineapple and vanilla. The yellow-golden infusion also has a plant accent typical of Ceylon green tea.

A music box decorated with a photo collage is a perfect gift for a music teacher. The calm and atmospheric melody that is played after winding the music box will certainly be appreciated!

Frosted Wine from the Wine Tea collection

Green leaf Ceylon tea Basilur Frosted Wine with the aroma of ice wine in a can.

A cup of ice wine inspired tea will be the perfect way to celebrate the end of another school year!

Frosted Wine is a composition that provides an unforgettable and unique taste experience. A spring bouquet extracted from Ceylon green tea leaves is combined with a mild grape aroma, juicy fruit flavor of apricot and peach and the tartness of orange.

The shimmering can in a delicate shade of green and the simple grooves attract attention!

Cast iron jugs

If your teacher likes to celebrate the process of brewing tea and takes pleasure in it, choosing a cast iron jug as a gift will be a hit!

  • Gray jug with elephant-shaped decoration , infuser and enameled interior , capacity: 1.1 liters.


Gray cast iron jug with elephant-shaped decoration, capacity of 1.1 liters.
  • Green jug with decoration , infuser and enameled interior , capacity 0.8 liters.


Green cast iron jug with decoration, capacity 800 milliliters.


If you want to discover the entire collection of teas that will be perfect as a gift for the end of the school year, click on this link:


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