Drinking hot tea in hot weather

It may seem that the best solution to find relief during hot and sweltering days is to drink a cold drink. In such situations, sweet, carbonated drinks are particularly attractive and desirable, as they instinctively seem to us to quench our thirst better. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The best way to cool your body is to drink a cup of hot tea. Does it seem unbelievable? This idea was born among the inhabitants of countries with a hot and dry climate . Their experiences became the basis for research that confirms the effectiveness of drinking hot drinks when you want to cool your body.

Where does the idea of ​​drinking hot tea in hot weather come from?

Drinking warm drinks during high temperatures comes from, among others: from Morocco, India, Malaysia, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Iran and Saudi Arabia. What do these countries have in common? Each of these places has a hot and dry climate. This is the weather that makes warm drinks a perfect solution to normalize body temperature.

The proverb "Fight fire with fire" is the essence of this method of dealing with heat.

A photo showing a bazaar in Morocco with the setting sun in the background.


How it's working?

Although it may seem unbelievable, our bodies respond better to warm drinks during hot weather than to chilled ones.

Hot drinks

Drinking hot tea, for example, causes our body temperature to rise, which leads to intense sweating. This may not be the most encouraging argument, but it is certainly desirable if we want to cool our body.

To get rid of unnecessary heat, our bodies secrete more sweat. This then evaporates from the body surface, thereby taking away heat from the skin. This natural cooling system brings relief , but... it turns out to be most effective in places with low humidity.

Cold drinks

The vision of a cool, sweet drink on a hot day seems very encouraging, but it is worth remembering that it will only bring temporary relief. It will not effectively quench your thirst, but will only strengthen it.

A glass filled with hot black tea.


What are the benefits of drinking hot tea during high temperatures?

It is very important to remember to properly hydrate the body on hot days. Water is not everything! In addition, you can also drink tea, which is a healthy substitute.

Advantages of drinking tea during hot weather:

  • A flavored alternative to water.
  • Perfectly quenches thirst.
  • Effectively hydrates the body.
  • The high content of theine in tea has a stimulating effect.

Masala Chai

Glasses with Indian Masala Chai tea, served with spices and milk.


Masala Chai is an Indian tea with character. Currently, it is known all over the world, all thanks to its unique taste and aroma. In India, each family cultivates its own method of brewing tea - recipes and preparation methods are passed down from generation to generation. Nevertheless, the core of the recipe remains the same and includes:

  • strong black tea
  • milk
  • sweetener
  • spicy spices; among others cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and pepper

Masala Chai from the Oriental collection

Basilur Masala Chai black loose-leaf tea with spices in an oriental tin.

Carefully selected Ceylon black tea leaves have been combined with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and pepper. The result is an infusion with a spicy scent and a strong, distinctive taste, with sweet and spicy notes.

A metal can in subdued brown colors with oriental decoration attracts attention!

Photo arranged with a can of Basilur Masala Chai loose leaf tea.



A glass of Moroccan tea, served with mint and lots of sugar.

Tuarega is green tea, which is considered an excellent drink for hot weather. It is sweet , stimulating and, above all, refreshing . In Morocco, the tuarega is almost considered a national treasure. It is drunk every day and in large quantities.

The tea brewing process itself respects several rules. Gunpowder dried tea and mint sprigs are placed in a teapot, the whole thing is poured with boiling water, and finally large amounts of sugar are added to the infusion.

The important place of Tuarega tea in Moroccan culture is evidenced by the proverb which says that "the first (implicitly: cup) has power, the second - the bitterness of life, the third - the sweetness of death."

Moroccan Mint from the Oriental collection

Basilur Moroccan Mint green loose-leaf tea with mint leaves in an oriental tin.

This Moroccan tea brings immediate refreshment!

The plant flavor extracted from Ceylon green tea leaves goes perfectly with the invigorating character of mint leaves. Thanks to the delicate processing process, the tea remains fresh and has no noticeable bitterness in its taste.

Oriental patterns of the can in intense shades of green and brown attract attention!

An arranged photo of a can of Moroccan Mint loose leaf tea by Basilur.

Other Basilur tea suggestions for hot days


Special from The Island of Tea collection

Basilur Special black loose leaf tea without additives in a can with a map of Sri Lanka.

Special is a composition that was created for lovers of traditional infusions. It consists of the most delicate Ceylon black tea leaves, which, after brewing, emit a soothing scent and a deep, complex taste.

Due to its noble character, it is considered premium tea.

Pu-Erh from the Chinese collection

Basilur Pu-Erh red loose leaf tea without additives in a cone.

The production process of this Chinese tea is shrouded in mystery!

After brewing, the mixture of leaves turns the water a mesmerizing, dark red color and emits a strong, smoky aroma. The taste of the tea has earthy accents with a delicate bitterness.

Green Valley from the Oriental collection

Basilur Green Valley green leaf tea without additives in a cone.

Green Valley stands out for its soothing effect with a refreshing twist!

The infusion of Ceylon green tea leaves is brewed to a light, straw color and emits a fresh aroma. The taste is devoid of excessive bitterness, and plant notes come to the fore, complemented by subtle, floral accents.

White Moon from the Oriental collection

Basilur White Moon express green tea with milk aroma in a decorative box.

Tea with milk?

The White Moon blend was inspired by ancient Chinese tradition, which proves its unique and intriguing character . The plant flavor of Ceylon green tea has been enriched with smooth, velvety and milky notes that give the infusion a creamy texture.

This is an unusual item, but it will certainly steal the hearts of people looking for new flavors and aromas!

Earl Gray from the Specialty Classics collection

Basilur Earl Gray black loose-leaf tea with bergamot in a can.

Everyone knows this tea!

Earl Gray is appreciated all over the world, all thanks to the excellent combination of the expressive flavor extracted from Ceylon black tea leaves and a citrus finish .

This combination of flavors and aromas has made Earl Gray a timeless item among all tea varieties.

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