Teas as a gift for Father's Day

We celebrate Father's Day on June 23. On this occasion , it is worth thinking carefully about how to show our fathers gratitude and love - wishes are not everything! We all want to find a unique gift that will not only please our parents, but will also remain in their memory for a long time.

If your dad is a tea connoisseur, this post is just for you! It will certainly help you choose a composition that will delight your parent with the appearance of the packaging, and the essence itself will conquer his or her taste buds after the first sip!

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Asia from the Breakfast Tea collection

A set of Basilur Breakfast Tea Asia Ceylon breakfast teas in a gift tea holder.

This set takes you on a journey full of flavors and aromas from different parts of Asia! The decorated tea cabinet in expressive shades of orange contains 4 carefully composed teas:

  • Ceylon Breakfast – Ceylon black tea.
  • Hong Kong Breakfast – Ceylon black tea.
  • Indian Breakfast - Ceylon black tea with ginger, cloves, anise, nutmeg, cardamom, black pepper and cinnamon.
  • Kyoto Breakfast – white Ceylon tea with cherry aroma.

Teas from the Breakfast Tea collection can be combined with milk without any problems! And all this thanks to the expressiveness and intensity of the taste of tea essences , which stimulate and give energy to action.

Captain's Tea & Gampola from the 2 in 1 collection

A set of 2 in 1 Ceylon loose leaf teas, Basilur Captain's Tea & Gampola, in a decorated tin.

The 2 in 1 collection offers excellent gift ideas! The can, decorated with graphics resembling a sketch of a ship, contains two different mixtures:

  • Captain's Tea - black Ceylon tea with mango, pineapple, cornflower, marigold, safflower and the aroma of bergamot and cinnamon.
  • Gampola – black Ceylon tea without additives.

The teas have been selected in such a way as to allow you to create your own variations of flavors and aromas! The compositions can be brewed separately or created a unique combination.

Persian Earl Gray from the Oriental collection

Black loose-leaf Basilur Persian Earl Gray Ceylon tea with bergamot aroma in a decorated tin.

If your dad is a fan of classic tea flavors, Persian Earl Gray will be a great gift choice!

Ceylon black tea leaves with the addition of natural bergamot aroma produce an infusion with an intense red color, a refreshing scent and a velvety taste with a citrus finish.


Assorted from the Specialty Classics collection

A set of Basilur Specialty Classics Ceylon instant teas in a metal teapot.

Assorted Specialty Classics is a set full of traditional teas! The metal can contains enveloped sachets with as many as 6 compositions:

  • English Breakfast – Ceylon black tea without additives.
  • English Afternoon – black Ceylon tea without additives.
  • Ceylon Premium – black Ceylon tea without additives.
  • Darjeeling – Indian black tea without additives.
  • Sencha – Ceylon green tea without additives.
  • Earl Gray – Ceylon black tea with bergamot aroma.

The set was created for connoisseurs of classic tea!

Coffee Caramel from the Black Essence collection

Basilur Coffee Caramel black loose-leaf Ceylon tea with coffee and caramel in a decorated tin.

Tea that tastes like caramel-coffee candy? That's the perfect description of Coffee Caramel!

The deep flavor extracted from Ceylon black tea leaves is combined with cornflower, the aromatic addition of coffee and the sweetness of caramel. The whole creates an extremely expressive expression of flavors!

Stone Oolong from the Garden of Stones collection

Green leaf oolong tea Basilur Stone Oolong with milk aroma in a stone-shaped can.

This semi-fermented oolong tea is dedicated to connoisseurs who are looking for new taste sensations!

The composition of Ceylon green tea leaves delights with strongly plant notes with subtly milky accents that give the infusion a creamy texture. The whole thing was closed in a unique stone-shaped tin - a unique proposition for an original gift.

Assorted from the Leaf of Ceylon collection

A set of Basilur Leaf of Ceylon express Ceylon teas in a gift tea holder.

This set will allow your parent to discover flavors and aromas straight from Sri Lanka! 5 unique compositions get their name from the names of the regions where they are grown. These include:

  • Uva – black Ceylon tea without additives.
  • Ruhunu – black Ceylon tea without additives.
  • Nuwara Eliya – black Ceylon tea without additives.
  • Radella – Ceylon green tea without additives.

Each of these places differs in geographical location, altitude and climatic conditions. These aspects influence the variety of flavors and aromas extracted from tea leaves.

Masala Chai from the Oriental collection

Black loose-leaf Basilur Masala Chai Ceylon tea with spices in a decorated tin.

Masala Chai is the perfect choice for fans of spicy notes!

A mixture of Ceylon black tea leaves is combined with expressive accents of cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and pepper. After brewing, the mixture produces a warming drink with a deep flavor, enriched with a spicy aftertaste lingering on the tongue and an intense, spicy scent.

Dragon Tea Book Volume II from the Dragon collection

Black loose-leaf Ceylon tea Basilur Dragon Tea Book Vol. II without additives in a book-shaped can.

Dragon Tea Book Volume II is a true classic with a mystical twist! The composition consists of carefully selected and roughly broken black tea leaves, which, after brewing, produce a brown infusion, a rich bouquet of traditional flavors and a distinctive scent that envelops the senses.

A metal can in the shape of an opening book attracts attention! All this thanks to the rich decoration in the shape of a Chinese dragon, which gives the entire packaging an elegant and exclusive character.

Crimson Paulownia Box from The Island of Tea collection

Crimson Paulownia Box set consisting of black Ceylon tea in a shimmering tin and a wooden box.

This is a set for true tea connoisseurs! The Crimson gift edition offers luxurious tea in a limited, collector's Paulownia box made of balsa - the lightest wood in the world. The shimmering red tin contains Orange Pekoe 1 black Ceylon tea leaves , which brew to a light amber shade and have a refreshing taste typical of high-mountain teas.

This timeless composition is synonymous with quality and freshness in every cup of infusion!

If you want to discover the entire collection of teas that will make perfect gifts for Father's Day, click on this link:


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