Tea gift ideas for Women's Day

Women's Day is a special holiday thanks to which we can show our appreciation in a special way to all women who are in some way important or important in our lives. It's the perfect incentive to show your feelings and give a gift to your mother, grandmother, wife, sister, friend or daughter. If you are a tea lover, you have come to the perfect place!

We would like to present some tea suggestions that will be perfect as a gift on Women's Day. They will include compositions with a wide range of additions, both floral and fruit, packed in beautifully decorated packaging.

Graphics showing a bouquet of flowers.

Basilur teas are perfect for a Women's Day gift

Majestic Ed

Basilur Majestic Red black tea with the aroma of red wine in a can.

A tea whose flavor bouquet brings to mind red wine? This is a perfect description of Basilur Majestic Red. The mixture, composed of carefully selected black tea leaves , has been enriched with the tart aroma of grapes , which perfectly combines with the floral accents of hibiscus and rose , as well as the sweetness of raisins.

Pink Tea

Basilur Pink Tea green tea set with a sweet aroma.

The Basilur Pink Tea set was created with women and for women in mind! The pink box contains 4 flavor variations based on Ceylon green tea. Its subtle and vegetal notes are enriched with the sweetness of aromatic additives . These include cotton candy, cherry ice cream, marshmallows and Swiss cake.

Collection No. AND

Basilur Collection No. Tea Set And with floral and fruit additions in a can.

Basilur Collection No. And it's a set of floral and fruit teas in express form. The beautifully decorated tin , made of metal, contains two compositions of green and black tea. The classic flavor extracted from the leaves is combined with fruity accents of strawberries, kiwi and raspberries , as well as the addition of milk aroma , which is characteristic of teas from China. This is a perfect idea for a tea gift!

Botanical Breeze

Basilur Botanical Breeze tea set with herbs, flowers and citrus fruits.

This is a set that brings a wonderful freshness to the interior of a decorated tea stand , reminiscent of a spring afternoon! Classic flavor bouquets of black, green and white tea are combined with herbs, refreshing floral notes and sweet accents of honey and vanilla . These aromatic compositions will not only delight your taste buds, but will also delight your senses!

Bouquet Assorted

A set of Basilur Bouquet green teas with the addition of kiwats and canned fruit.

Bouquet Assorted is a pure variation based on Ceylon green tea! There are 4 compositions placed in a metal can, and each of them is distinguished by delicious additions that evoke different taste sensations. In addition to the classic Sencha, the set also includes tea with peppermint leaves and the aroma of strawberries, vanilla and milk .

Chinese Milk Oolong

Basilur Milk Oolong green tea from the Chinese collection with a milky aroma.

A perfect item for Chinese tea lovers! The combination of two types of high-quality leaves - Ceylon green tea and oolong tea - results in an infusion with a delicate taste , with milky notes , a creamy texture and a wonderfully fresh aroma reminiscent of spring.

Vintage Blossoms Assorted

Basilur Vintage Blossoms tea set with floral notes.

If you are looking for floral teas , Basilur Vintage Blossoms is exactly what you need! A beautiful box with a flower motif contains 4 flavors of tea - Jasmine Dream, Passion Tropica, Flora Calm, Rose Breeze. Compositions of black and green tea have been enriched with the addition of jasmine, chamomile, lavender and rose . Moreover, in individual blends you can find refreshing citrus accents.

White Tea Assorted

A set of Basilur White Tea white teas with fruit in a can.

This is a set in which you will find subtle sweetness! Basilur White Tea exquisitely combines the delicate qualities of white Ceylon tea with fruity and floral notes. These include forest fruits, mango, orange, peach, strawberry, vanilla and rose . The packaging will especially appeal to people interested in Japanese culture!

Earl Gray Assorted

A set of Basilur Earl Gray black teas with citrus and flowers.

A set created for Earl Gray lovers! The classic composition of black tea with bergamot has gained 4 new versions. In each of them, a unique addition has been added to the traditional mixture , which enhances the experience of drinking Earl Gray. Citrus and floral additions include mandarin, orange, jasmine and lavender.

Alpine Lake

Basilur Alpine Blanc black tea with the addition of white wine aroma in a can.

Alpine Lake is a tea that provides a unique taste experience! The composition is a combination of carefully selected Ceylon black tea leaves , raisins , graviola and grape aroma. The overall taste brings to mind the flavor bouquet typical of white wine. This is definitely an intriguing gift idea !

Captain's Tea & Gampola Tea

Basilur Captain's Tea & Gampola 2 in 1 black tea set in a can.

What if we could put an end to the deliberations over choosing the right black tea and opt for a set from the 2 in 1 collection ? This is an excellent choice that will provide both classics and variations on the taste of black tea. The decorated tin contains two leafy compositions - the traditional Gampola without additives and Captain's Tea , which is enriched with mango, pineapple, bergamot and cinnamon.

Ceylon Amethyst

Purple Basilur Ceylon Amethyst tea with floral, fruity and caramel notes.

Basilur Ceylon Amethyst is dedicated to an exclusive gift for tea connoisseurs! The mixture is composed of purple Ceylon tea , the leaves of which are carefully selected and hand-picked . This is new on the tea market ! The composition has a flavor bouquet similar to oolong, but is distinguished by the presence of floral, fruit and caramel accents. After the leaves are brewed, a light purple glow can be observed in the cup.

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