Biodegradable bags without microplastics and staples!

Drinking tea regularly has many health benefits for the human body. This is a known and common fact, but not everyone knows that some tea brands - including the Basilur brand - offer fully ecological and biodegradable bags. So, when we drink tea, we not only experience unique taste, but above all we care about our health and the environment around us.

Biodegradable, what does that mean?

Biodegradation is the breakdown of organic compounds into simple inorganic compounds . In addition to living organisms, natural factors also contribute to this process, such as sunlight, oxygen, air and water. By this we mean that when tea bags decompose, they leave nothing behind except biomass, water, CO2 and naturally occurring minerals. Therefore, it can be said that biodegradable bags are fully ecological and safe for the environment.

What are Basilur tea bags made of?

Tea bags are made of certified Terranova Papers paper that meets ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards . This paper is made from hardwood and coniferous wood pulps, as well as manila (Abaca) fibers from the Manila banana. Modern technology has made it possible to completely get rid of synthetic polymers and replace them with a biopolymer derived entirely from sugar extracts from annually grown plants (corn).

The ecological nature of the bags is also proven by the fact that they do not contain metal staples and microplastics.

A mark that informs that tea bags are free of microplastics and staples.

What certificates do Basilur tea bags have?

FSC CONTROLLED WOOD means that the paper from which the bags are made meets the 5 criteria of FSC Controlled Wood . Controlled wood means that such wood is obtained legally , from trees that have not been genetically modified , and that the wood does not come from naturally or socially valuable areas .

FSC Controlled Wood certificate

The paper of the bags has been marked with the OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL certificate. A product with such a certificate informs buyers that it does not contain heavy metals , is biodegradable and can be thrown into a composter.

OK Compost Industrial certificate

The HALAL certificate is a guarantee that products are manufactured in accordance with the standards of Islamic law . Therefore, it confirms compliance with the requirements for the production, packaging and storage of goods in Muslim culture. According to the guidelines , they cannot contain alcohol or prohibited ingredients , such as pork or animal blood.

Halal certificate

Our suggestions for Basilur teas with biodegradable bags:

Frosty Afternoon

Basilur Frosty Afternoon black tea with passion fruit and orange.

Ceylon Premium

Classic Basilur Ceylon Premium black tea without additives.

Cream Fantasy

Basilur Cream Fantasy green tea with strawberry and vanilla.

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