Tea gift ideas for Men's Day

Do you already have a gift for Men's Day? Or maybe you are looking for him? If the man you want to give a gift to is a tea connoisseur , this blog is dedicated to you!

We will celebrate Men's Day on March 10 . This is an ideal opportunity to appreciate men by wishing them well and giving them a small gift. Such a gesture will certainly help to show gratitude and warm feelings that we feel towards our grandparents, fathers, brothers, husbands or partners.

We would like to present suggestions for teas that , in our opinion, will be perfect as a gift for Men's Day.

Graphics depicting tea leaves.

Basilur teas are perfect as a gift for Men's Day

Coffee Caramel

Basilur Coffee Caramel black tea with caramel and coffee aroma in a can.

A combination of coffee and tea? This is a perfect description of Basilur Coffee Caramel. The composition of Ceylon black tea leaves is exquisitely combined with the addition of coffee and the aroma of caramel , which adds deep sweetness with salty notes to the whole. The infusion will be perfect as a complement to your favorite desserts!

Dragon Tea Book Volume III

Basilur Dragon Tea Book Vol. III black tea in a can.

This is an interesting gift idea due to the unique shape of the tin and its decoration! The metal packaging in the form of an opening book presents a finely crafted image of a Chinese dragon. The graphics are definitely eye-catching! Inside the can there is a mixture of long and pointed black tea leaves , which, after brewing, give a truly classic infusion with an aromatic scent and intense taste.


Chinese red Basilur Pu-Erh tea in a cone.

Basilur Pu-Erh is a composition addressed to tea lovers straight from China! The production process of this tea is not widely known, which adds to its mystery and proves its uniqueness. Brewing Pu-Erh leaves results in an infusion with a dark red color , a smoky aroma and a definitely characteristic taste. It can be described as "earthy".

Oriental Collection No. 1

Basilur Oriental Collection No. oriental tea set 1 sachet in a can.

Basilur Oriental Collection No. gift set 1 is the essence of the flavors of the Orient! The beautifully decorated tin contains 4 flavors of tea - Magic Nights, Golden Crescent, Moroccan Mint and Masala Chai. Each of them has a different experience when drinking the infusion. The additives added to black and green tea leaves include fruits, among others. strawberry, apricot, pineapple and papaya , two types of mint - peppermint and Moroccan - as well as spices: cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and cloves.

Earl Grey

Basilur Earl Gray black tea with bergamot aroma in a can.

It's a pure classic that everyone knows! Basilur Earl Gray is a combination of carefully selected Ceylon black tea leaves with the addition of bergamot aroma. The composition gives an amber-colored infusion with a captivating and refreshing scent and a velvety taste , topped with citrus accents. Choose tea that is appreciated by connoisseurs around the world.

Captain's Tea & Gampola

Basilur Captain's Tea & Gampola 2 in 1 black tea set in a can.

Thanks to this unique set, you will get two leafy compositions in an eye-catching tin! It will satisfy both fans of classic compositions and those who like to experiment with the flavors of infusions. In the can you will find Captain's Tea , which is a mix of black tea leaves with fruity additions and the aroma of bergamot and cinnamon , as well as Gampola, which, after brewing, produces an infusion with a traditional, noble taste.

Earl Gray Assorted

Basilur Earl Gray tea set in sachets.

A set for true Earl Gray lovers! The traditional mixture of black tea leaves with the aroma of bergamot has been enriched with new additives that emphasize the classic taste and aroma of Earl Gray. The gift packaging contains 4 variations - Lavender, Orange, Tangerine and Jasmine. Choose this set and make the man you give it to discover the taste of Earl Gray again!

Ceylon White Tea

Exclusive white tea Basilur Ceylon White Tea in loose leaf form.

This is a gift idea for a true tea connoisseur! Basilur Ceylon White Tea is a composition of white tea leaves that are hand-picked on a plantation located at an altitude of over 2,000 meters above sea level. After picking them from a 100-year-old bush, they are subjected to strict selection. Brewing the leaves results in an extremely delicate infusion with a light color and a smooth, silky taste. Ceylon White Tea is to be enjoyed as the complexity of the bouquet and layers is revealed as the tea cools.

Dragon Diamond

Basilur Dragon Diamond black tea with cinnamon and orange aroma.

Dragon Diamond is a tea that perfectly enriches the bouquet of black tea with accents of orange and cinnamon. The infusion is characterized by a deep taste , which is broken by sour and sweet-spicy notes. The cone with graphics of Chinese dragons , in which the composition is enclosed, will give the ceremony of preparing and drinking tea an aura of mysticism!


Basilur Green Ceylon green tea in a can.

Basilur Green is a perfect product for green tea lovers! The composition consists of the first two leaves still in the bud. This results in a very subtle and mild taste of the infusion, which can also be described as "spring". This is a real gem among green teas!

Chocolate Mint

Basilur Chocolate Mint black tea with cocoa and mint flavor in a can.

If you are looking for an unusual combination of flavors , Basilur Chocolate Mint will certainly meet your requirements! The expressive flavor extracted from Ceylon black tea leaves has been enriched with the sweetness of cocoa fruit and refreshing notes of peppermint . The creamy texture of the infusion and chocolate accents will conquer the taste buds of sweets lovers of all kinds.

Leaf of Ceylon

A set of classic Basilur Leaf of Ceylon teas straight from various regions of Sri Lanka.

The Leaf of Ceylon set contains 4 teas from different districts of Sri Lanka. In the gift tea bag you will find the mild-tasting Uva , the strong and expressive Ruhunu from lowland areas, the high-mountain Nuwara Eliya with a delicate bouquet and the plant Radella Green , which causes pleasant refreshment. Leaf of Ceylon is a combination of classic flavors and aromas straight from Ceylon!

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