The best teas for spring!

Most of us are probably looking forward to the beginning of spring , which takes place on March 20. This is a special day because it symbolizes the official beginning of the period when nature comes to life , the days are getting longer, the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds, and the air is fresh and full of the scents of blooming plants.

To celebrate this moment, it is worth reaching for a cup of tea , the taste and aroma of which will not only constitute an invigorating essence, but will also become a wonderful addition enhancing the sensations of the spring atmosphere.

What teas to choose in spring?

Teas consumed in spring should be delicate, light, pleasantly refreshing and enriched with subtle sweetness. These aspects are a perfect illustration of the climate that prevails in spring. Green and white teas, as well as fruit infusions , are perfect during this period. The above-mentioned compositions, in addition to their wonderful taste, also have many properties that are beneficial to our bodies. They are rich in vitamins , have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties , and also help to strengthen immunity , which is extremely important during the transition period between the frosty and snowy winter and the much warmer and more pleasant weather typical of spring.

Bouquet of jasmine flowers.

Spring tea suggestions from Basilur

Floral Bouquet

Basilur Vintage Blossoms green tea with flowers and fruit in a can.


A perfect composition for making a refreshing infusion! Basilur Floral Bouquet is a combination of the most delicate Ceylon green tea leaves with lavender, hibiscus and jasmine flowers. The additions also include rose and orange , which give the whole thing sour and sweet accents , and peppermint , which makes the scent and taste of the tea have a stimulating effect on the body. The tea was closed in a metal can decorated with a flower motif.

Botanical Breeze

Basilur Botanical Breeze flower tea set in a teapot.

Spring enclosed in a beautiful package! Botanical Breeze is a set containing 4 unique compositions whose scent brings to mind the fresh spring air. The blends include variations on black, green and white Ceylon tea . They have been deliciously combined with mint, lavender, chamomile, rooibos and the aromas of orange, lemon, honey, vanilla and rose. The gift box contains sachets of Mountain Orange, Lavender Zest, Honey Vanilla and Rooibos Rose teas.


Frosted Wine

Basilur Frosted Wine green tea with the aroma of ice wine in a can.

How about a tea whose taste and aroma brings to mind ice wine? Basilur Frosted Wine is a unique composition of carefully selected green tea leaves straight from Ceylon, which, together with the addition of apricots, orange peel and the aroma of wine, result in a unique infusion. It has plant notes of tea leaves, enriched with the fruity flavor of apricot and refreshing citrus accents. A metal tin with minimalist decoration will be perfect as a tea gift!

Vintage Blossoms Assorted

Basilur Vintage Blossoms floral and fruit tea set in a tea maker.

Vintage Blossoms is a set full of plant and floral flavors and aromas! The tea maker contains 4 compositions based on black and green tea. These include Jasmine Dream, Passion Tropica, Flora Calm and Rose Breeze teas. Classic flavors extracted from tea leaves have been combined with jasmine, chamomile, passion fruit, lavender, orange, rose and mint.

Floral Fantasy Volume I

Green tea with rose Basilur Floral Fantasy Vol. I in a book-shaped can.

Basilur Floral Fantasy Vol. I is an infusion with a beautiful pink color! The composition is a wonderful combination of plant notes of Ceylon green tea , refreshing accents of peppermint and delicate sweetness extracted from rose petals. The whole thing was placed in a metal can that resembles a book in shape. By choosing tea from the Floral Fantasy collection, you will not only get an exquisite composition, but also a beautiful decoration for your home.

Pink Tea Assorted

A set of Basilur Pink Tea green teas with the aroma of sweets in a teapot.

Pink Tea is an absolute taste variation! The compositions in this set are unique and rare combinations of plant notes of Ceylon green tea with aromas of sweets - cotton candy, cherry ice cream, marshmallows and Swiss cake. This set will surely charm and conquer the taste buds of lovers of sweet infusions!


Fruit Infusions Assorted Volume III

Basilur Fruit Infusions Assorted Vol. III fruit tea set in a book-shaped can.

Reach for Basilur Fruit Infusions Assorted if you like infusions with juicy fruit flavors and sweet aroma! The beautifully decorated tin contains 4 types of flower and fruit mixtures - Goji Lime, Mango Peach, Mix Fruit Lemonade and Noni Plum. An additional aspect worth mentioning is the fact that the teas do not contain caffeine. In return, they are a source of lots of vitamins and bring refreshment with their distinctive taste and smell.

Spring Tea

Basilur Spring Tea green tea with cherry aroma.

This is a tea whose flavor bouquet refers to the cherry blossom season! Spring Tea is a wonderful combination of subtle notes extracted from Ceylon green tea leaves with sweet pineapple, cornflower and delicately sour cherry accents. The composition will not only wake up your body, but also soothe fatigue!

White Tea Assorted

A set of Basilur White Tea white teas with fruit additions in a tea holder.

Basilur White Tea is a tea set consisting of 4 white tea blends , the subtle flavor notes of which are combined with the aromas of fruit and flowers. The additions include forest fruits, mango, orange, peach, rose, vanilla and strawberry . Decorated with a Japanese motif, the box with expressive fruit graphics is a perfect gift for sweet tea lovers!

Jasmine Tea & Green Tea

Green tea 2 in 1 Basilur Jasmine & Green in a decorated tin.

Teas from the Basilur 2 in 1 collection are an ideal proposition for people who cannot decide on a specific flavor of the infusion! Jasmine Tea & Green Tea is a composition of 2 green teas placed in a tin with a floral motif. Jasmine Tea is a tea with a captivating aroma and sweet-floral taste , with notes of jasmine. In turn, Green Tea leaves, after brewing, give a classic infusion with a plant flavor, which can also be described as "spring".

Music Concert Romantic

Basilur Music Concert Romantic green tea in a can in the shape of a music box that plays a melody.

Basilur Music Concert Romantic is a tea addressed to people who are looking for both an exquisite composition and beautiful packaging that will stay with them for a long time. A decorated metal tin resembling a music box contains a mixture of green tea leaves from Ceylon enriched with pineapple, rose petals, cornflower, marigold, a note of coffee, vanilla and cream. It's not everything! The package , after winding it up, plays a romantic melody.

Wild Strawberry

Basilur Strawberry & Kiwi black tea with strawberry and kiwi in sachets.

Strawberry & Kiwi was composed of Ceylon black tea leaves , kiwi and strawberry aroma. Tea bags placed in a colorful can , after brewing, give a wonderfully refreshing drink! This is possible thanks to the combination of the stimulating properties of black tea, the sweetness of strawberries, the tartness of kiwi and the fruity scent that envelops the senses.

Ceylon Silver Green Needle

Exclusive Basilur Ceylon Silver Green Needle green tea with a unique flavor bouquet.

Compositions from the Aristan collection are aimed at tea lovers who want to feel like real connoisseurs! Ceylon Silver Green Neddle is a mixture of undeveloped green tea buds that come from a plantation located in the lowland region of Sri Lanka. Brewing them results in a light-colored infusion with an extremely delicate flavor bouquet. The uniqueness of this tea is demonstrated by, among others: that the donuts are hand-picked at a specific time of day.

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