Caramel Day – discover teas with a caramel note!

Those who can't get enough of sweets after Fat Thursday will certainly be happy to hear that there is not much time left until the next high-calorie holiday. We are talking about Carmel Day , which falls on March 5.

This sweet, chewy mass is a perfect addition not only to all kinds of cakes and cookies , but can also be used to diversify the experience of drinking black tea. Intense notes of sweetness and a distinctive scent characteristic of caramel together with the strong, classic taste extracted from tea leaves will win the hearts and taste buds of many infusion connoisseurs!

How to make caramel at home?

Preparing caramel may seem like a complicated process, but nothing could be further from the truth! The recipe for homemade caramel requires only two ingredients - sugar and water. Of course, to diversify the taste, you can also use vanilla extract, salt or cocoa, but this decision depends on your preferences.

  1. Place the pot on the hob or stove. Pour sugar into it and pour water over it.
  2. Heat everything over low heat. Don't forget to mix! We want the sugar to dissolve evenly and not to burn.
  3. Once the sugar dissolves and the mixture begins to boil, stop stirring.

Pay attention to the color of the caramel! It should be amber, light brown. The dark color indicates that the caramel has been burnt and will be bitter.

After preparing your own home-made caramel, you can add it to tea , which already contains the aroma of sweet mass. This addition will only enhance the taste experience!

Basilur caramel tea suggestions

Caramel Dream

Basilur Caramel Dream teas from the Oriental collection go perfectly with the addition of sweet, chewy caramel. Its aroma has been added to the composition of black Ceylon tea leaves, which gives the whole thing not only an excellent taste , but also a pleasant smell.

This tea was awarded in the prestigious Great Taste 2021 competition! It is one of the most valued decorations in the world.

Choose your favorite version of tea! On our website you will find Caramel Dream in two forms - loose leaf and in bags.

Basilur Caramel Dream black leaf tea with caramel in a can.
Basilur Caramel Dream black leaf tea with caramel in a cone.
Basilur Caramel Dream black tea with caramel in sachets.

Autumn Tea

Autumn Tea is a tea that combines the classic, deep flavor extracted from Ceylon black tea leaves with the addition of maple syrup aroma. Thanks to it, the infusion gains intense, vanilla and caramel notes.

As the name suggests, Autumn Tea is perfect for rainy, gloomy afternoons , to which the tea will add a bit of color with its sweetness!

Basilur Autumn Tea black loose leaf tea with maple syrup in a can.
Basilur Autumn Tea black loose leaf tea with maple syrup in a cone.
Basilur Autumn Tea black tea with maple syrup in sachets.



Basilur Gold black leaf tea with a caramel flavor in a cone.

For fans of traditional flavor bouquets, Basilur Gold will be an excellent choice! This is a truly classic composition of Ceylon black tea leaves , which is characterized by the infusion's amber color, distinct aroma and deep taste with noticeable notes of roasted caramel.

Coffee Caramel

Basilur Coffee Caramel black loose leaf tea with caramel coffee in a can.

Coffee or tea? Basilur Coffee Caramel is a unique composition that is a wonderful combination of the strong taste of black tea from Sri Lanka with the aroma of coffee and notes of caramel. It's a perfect addition to desserts! And all this thanks to the distinct coffee aftertaste , which has been enriched with roasted accents of sweet caramel.

Ceylon Amethyst

Purple Basilur Aristan Ceylon Amethyst loose leaf tea with caramel accents.

Purple tea with caramel? Ceylon Amethyst is an exclusive composition composed of carefully selected leaves hand-picked from the lowland region of Sri Lanka. The mixture owes its unique character not only to the bright, purple color of the infusion, but also to its complex bouquet. You can feel floral, fruity and... caramel notes in it!

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