Which teas are the classics of the Basilur brand?

Which teas are the classics of the Basilur brand?

Although everything we do at Basilur is driven by innovation , classics have always held a special place in our work . That's why our Specialty Classic line is one of our most iconic teas , with kaleidoscopic , intricately designed packaging reflecting the true art of tea drinking. This collection contains proven blends made of the highest quality teas . So let us guide you through them and provide you with a truly authentic experience

What teas does the Specialty Classics collection include?

English Breakfast

Basilur English Breakfast black tea without additives in a can

English Breakfast is undoubtedly the queen of all classic teas and one of the most popular infusions around the world . It is a full-bodied , rich and strong black tea blend that is often served with milk and sugar . According to historical accounts, it was invented in Edinburgh in the 19th century and was simply called " breakfast tea ". It is known that Queen Victoria was responsible for popularizing this mixture throughout England, which over time led to the name " English Breakfast ".

The classic cup of English Breakfast is often accompanied by a hearty meal of sausages , eggs , beans and toast . Therefore, its deep notes enhance and complement the taste of the meal . This black tea has become a tradition cultivated to recall the great English meal and the extraordinary Victorian era . English Breakfast based on pure Ceylon tea is a celebration of English charm combined with the historical taste of the best teas in the world .


Basilur English Afternoon black tea without additives in a can

English Afternoon is another classic tea with great historical significance. It is believed to have been introduced by Anne Mary, Duchess of Bedford . The woman always became hungry around four o'clock . In turn, in her household, dinner was served only after 8 p.m. The time gap between lunch and the evening meal was so large that the duchess decided to fill it . One day she asked for a tray of tea , bread and butter , and a cake to be brought to her room late in the afternoon . Later, it became her habit , which led to the celebration of afternoon teas , attended by stylishly dressed women who spent time talking and enjoying afternoon tea .

Since English Afternoon is usually drunk in the afternoon to relax , it has lighter notes compared to English Breakfast. It also has a mild , sweet taste and turns orange after brewing. Due to the time of day it is served, it is most often served with cucumber sandwiches , rolls and petit fours , which are a delight for the palate.

Earl Grey

Basilur Earl Gray black tea with bergamot in a can

You may have already noticed a certain pattern - all classic teas have a story . Earl Gray is no exception . According to legend, it was named after Earl Charles Grey , who was also Prime Minister of King William IV in the 19th century.

Over the years, many tea producers and enthusiasts have added their own twists to this classic, and Basilur has once again rewritten the history of Earl Gray tea by combining the exquisite flavor of sweet , citrusy orange bergamot oil with pure Ceylon tea . After brewing, it produces an infusion with a smooth aroma and soothing taste . Tea has much more of it if we compare it to other, more one-dimensional classics , such as English Breakfast .


Basilur Sencha green tea without additives in a can

It is one of the most popular infusions in Japan . More than 80% of the tea produced in this country is sencha . It is a symbol that comes from the great history of Japan .

This tea is known for its characteristic, natural and mild sweetness , as well as its refreshing taste reminiscent of spring . After brewing, it turns a mild golden yellow, and its taste combines grassy notes with sweet ones . The first is due to the fact that Sencha stays fresh because it is steamed rather than pan-fried .


Basilur Darjeeling Indian black tea without additives in a can

The name of the tea comes from the Darjeeling or Kalimpong districts of West Bengal. It is grown in the Himalayan winds and has a unique taste similar to French grapes . This taste and incomparable aroma make it called " the champagne of teas ". Darjeeling is lighter and less astringent than most black teas , and its flavor is more complex than most green teas .

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