What spring teas does the Vintage Blossoms collection include?

What spring teas does the Vintage Blossoms collection include?

Following our innovative culture , this spring we are offering a completely new tea experience with our Vintage Blossoms collection . It features some of the most beloved spring flavors among tea lovers, including five innovative products . The mixtures were placed in hand- decorated packaging .

Citrus Bliss

This tea brings a blissful and refreshing combination of tea leaves with chamomile and tangerine aroma . Nuwara Eliya is one of the most desirable Ceylon teas from the highlands of Sri Lanka, famous for its light flavor notes and delicate aroma . Due to these unique properties, this tea is often compared to fine champagne . You will surely like this delicious blend if you are a fan of subtle and slightly sour notes .

Basilur Citrus Bliss black tea in a red decorative tin


This dreamy and aromatic blend combines tea leaves and jasmine flowers . The light notes of this composition make it an ideal choice for calm and relaxation .

In addition to its excellent taste and aroma , jasmine has many health properties . Therefore, it is worth having it in your tea due to its rich antioxidant content .

Basilur Jasmine Dream black tea in a blue decorative tin

Floral Bouquet

The epitome of spring flavors , Floral Bouquet offers a luxurious and romantic combination of pure Ceylon green tea , hibiscus , rose and peppermint . The delicious infusion gives off a sensational aroma . Perfect for afternoon tea combined with your favorite sweet delicacies . The addition of hibiscus and rose not only adds a delightful floral flavor and aroma to the composition, but also a pink tint that is pleasant to the eyes .

Basilur Floral Bouquet green tea in a mint decorative tin

Rose Fantasy

Roses have been and will always be the quintessence of spring . That's why when creating mixtures we could n't forget about this beautiful flower .

In our brand new tea you will find a magical combination of pure Ceylon green tea, hibiscus and rose flowers . Rose Fantasy has a sweet and seductive infusion that is perfect as an addition to your favorite dessert , both in the afternoon and late in the evening. It is perfect to eat with a little honey .

Basilur Rose Fantasy green tea in a pink decorative cone

Passion Tropica

Another delightful , fruity sensation from our Vintage Blossoms collection. With a combination of pure Ceylon green tea, chamomile flowers and passion fruit aroma , this blend will surely transport you to a tropical paradise when drinking. A refreshing infusion to be consumed hot or as iced tea with a bit of honey.

Basilur Passion Tropica green tea in a yellow decorative can

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