Is milk added to tea?

Is milk added to tea?

Depending on which part of the world you come from and your personal taste preferences, adding milk to tea will evoke different feelings in you. For people who regularly drink tea in Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia and Thailand , adding milk to the infusion is an essential step . It is such an inherent element of tea culture that many characteristic blends from these countries - such as Indian Masala Chai or Thai tea - contain milk . However , some purists may disagree with this practice . So we thought it was important to analyze this dispute.

How did the history of adding milk to tea begin?

A common misconception is that it was the British who started adding milk to tea . However, records actually show that the Tibetans began this practice around 781. It may have had a significant impact on milk becoming an integral part of tea in India along with Masala Chai.

Examples of milk-based teas from around the world:

Tea Latte: any type of tea served with frothed milk . It can be prepared both with and without added sugar .

Bubble Tea: A variety of milk tea from Taiwan with tapioca balls , sweetened , usually served cold .

Teh Tarik: This popular Southeast Asian tea means " pour-over tea ". It is made from black tea and condensed milk . The drink is poured several times between two cups or containers until a foamy consistency is achieved.

Masala Chai: Indian tea is made by combining milk , black tea and spices in a pot.

Hong Kong Style: strong black tea mixed with condensed or condensed milk , usually served hot .

Taiwanese Bubble Tea with tapioca balls

Why is milk added to tea?

The reasons why people add milk to tea vary and depend on taste preferences , health benefits and the quality of the brew .

Tea reached Western Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. It was not of optimal quality due to long sea voyages and improper storage , which made it unpalatable . So adding milk was a way to mask the bland taste of poor quality tea. Another theory involves the porcelain cups that were used at the time. These vessels were usually made of delicate material . Therefore, adding hot infusion to them often caused them to crack. Tea lovers have come up with a creative solution to this. They started pouring a little cold milk into an empty cup , and only then hot tea - this procedure helped lower the temperature of the drink enough to protect the porcelain from cracking .

The health benefits of milk also influenced people to start adding it to teas. For example, Tibetans practice this activity to stave off hunger . This is why drinking tea with milk was common among the working class in Britain during the Industrial Revolution because food was scarce .

Black tea in a glass cup with milk

Which teas go well with milk?

When choosing teas that go best with milk, it is worth paying attention to the tannin content in the mixture . Infusions with a high content of tannins - black teas - combine well with milk because it smoothes the taste . Assam , Ceylon and Keya teas are perfect options for combining them with milk.

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