What type of water should you use to make tea?

What type of water should you use to make tea?

Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world after water. The taste of your infusion depends on both the water you use and the type of mixture . That's why we've put together this guide to help you find the best type of water you can use to brew the perfect cup of tea .

Although at first glance it may seem that all water tastes the same , there are many factors that change its taste . These factors include the source of the water (spring, surface, desalinated, etc.), how it is treated , freshness , and even the pipes . When it comes to tea, there are specific properties of water that can affect the taste of the brew . One such factor is the pH level . Ideally, the water you use to make tea should have a pH level close to 7 , which is considered neutral . The one with a higher pH (alkaline/mineral water) will make the taste of your infusion dull . Fresh water is well oxygenated , which helps bring out the flavor of brewed mixtures.

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Which types of water are best for brewing tea?

Tap water

While this is often the most convenient option , it may not be the best choice when brewing tea. This is mainly due to the high content of metals and chlorine in tap water. This can completely distort the taste of the tea and neutralize all the nutrients it contains.

Bottled water

It's hard to definitely recommend bottled water for making tea because its composition can vary . Many types of bottled water contain minerals that can distort the taste of the tea. Additionally, bottled water can give your brew a plastic taste .

Spring water

If you want to use bottled water to make tea, high-quality spring water is the best choice! Ideally, it should have a neutral taste and a PH value (around 7).

Filtered water

In our opinion, this is the best type of water you can use to make tea! It is usually passed through a filtration system to ensure that all contaminants are removed . This helps to remove ingredients such as chlorine , magnesium and calcium from hard water.

Distilled water

At first glance, distilled water may seem like a great option for brewing tea. It is one of the purest forms of water , free from impurities . But it is usually flat , which will give your tea a dull taste .

We hope this guide has helped you clear up any doubts you may have about what type of water to use when brewing tea. Please remember that to prepare a satisfying cup of infusion , you need the right water and good tea . So make sure you choose the highest quality blend - one that will provide you with a great taste experience!

Happy brewing!

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