How to plan a tea picnic step by step?

There is something magical in combining the peace and beauty of a garden with the elegance and joyful atmosphere of a tea party. An outdoor picnic is a lovely way to celebrate the beauty of nature and a wonderful opportunity to create treasured memories with your loved ones. In this text, we will discover together the charms of organizing an afternoon tea - from finding a location, to choosing decorations, a unique menu and attractions.

What is important when choosing a location for a picnic?

Choosing the right place for a tea party is extremely important . Look for a place with lush vegetation , beautiful and fragrant flowers , and space large enough to spread blankets or place tables. Take into account your own backyard , but also the parks and botanical gardens in your area. Make sure that the place you choose will provide guests with shade that will protect them from the intense sun and soothe their bodies with a gentle coolness.

A women's picnic surrounded by a forest and a lake

How to decorate your chosen picnic spot?

It is important that you emphasize the beauty of the surrounding nature with appropriate decorations. Create beautiful floral arrangements using various plant species in vivid colors and place them in antique teapots or delicate vases . Sprinkle flower petals on a tablecloth or picnic blanket to create a romantic atmosphere . Also consider hanging lights or lanterns on nearby trees . They are perfect for the evening, creating a dreamy and intimate atmosphere . Remember about colorful pillows to ensure comfort and convenience for yourself and your guests!

What food to choose for afternoon tea?

A young woman eating ice cream from a glass cup

A picnic in the garden requires appropriate snacks that will be an excellent addition to aromatic teas. Here are some ideas to inspire your menu:

Finger sandwiches: tiny sandwiches perfect for grabbing with two fingers! You can put cucumber pieces, cream cheese , smoked salmon , egg salad , chicken and avocado in them.

Scones and pastries: Serve freshly baked scones with clotted cream and fruit jam. Also add various sweets – macaroons, mini tarts and lemon cake .

Fresh fruit and salads: arrange juicy , seasonal fruit on plates. Compose salads with vegetables , cheese and dressings .

Ice Cream: Set up boxes with different flavors of ice cream. Provide your guests with accessories that will help them create their dream dessert.

Cotton Candy: Add a little whimsy with this fluffy sweetness . You can stock up on different colors and flavors of cotton wool.

Cake: Place a beautifully decorated cake in the center and decorate it with edible flower decorations . Choose classic flavors - vanilla or chocolate - with the addition of fruit.

Campfire or grill: prepare skewers and fluffy mashmallows that guests can bake themselves .

Teas: provide your guests with unforgettable sweetness with Basilur teas from the Pink Teas collection . The mixtures contain the aromas of sweets loved by everyone, which will perfectly match baked goods.

What attractions should you provide to your tea picnic guests?

To make your party memorable for your guests, plan engaging activities for them. Here are some ideas that may inspire you:

Croquet or badminton: organize an outdoor game that encourages friendly competition and laughter .

Weaving wreaths: buy fresh flowers , wire and ribbons , and then try to create beautiful wreaths with your loved ones. This is a capricious activity that requires patience, but it brings amazing results!

Live music: If you have friends who are musically inclined, you can ask them to bring their instruments. Soothing melodies and singing together will strengthen bonds and provide a relaxing atmosphere .

A moment of sharing a cake between two women

Pack your tea set, spread out a blanket and enjoy time spent outdoors with your loved ones!

The tea set from the Basilur Pink Tea collection includes:

  • 40 sachets, including 4 unique flavors - Candy Floss, Cherry Ice Cream, Marshmallow and Forest Gateau
A set of pink teas from the Basilur Pink Tea collection

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