How to prepare iced tea?

How to prepare iced tea?

As summer approaches, we begin to feel an increasing desire for a cool and refreshing drink . Drinking iced tea is more than just refreshment: it's discovery . Tasting tea brewed at a low temperature can reveal new , amazing flavors and aromas that are not noticeable in the hot infusion. Homemade Basilur iced tea is a definitely healthier and tastier alternative to ready-made drinks from the store.

What do you need to prepare iced tea?

  1. Water (we recommend filtered water)
  2. Tea (high quality Ceylon black tea)
  3. Vessel (e.g. jug, gaiwan, jar with tap, bottle or carafe)
  4. Sieve
  5. Teaspoon

Preparing homemade ice tea begins by heating the water to the appropriate temperature recommended for the selected type of tea. Black tea should be brewed at a temperature of 90-100 ° C , while green or white tea should be brewed at 70-80 ° C . In the case of loose leaf tea, it is worth using a strainer or paper filter, which will make it easier to remove the dried tea from the vessel later. Approximately 1 teaspoon of tea leaves is enough to brew a cup of infusion. If the tea contains fruit additives, you can increase the amount of dried fruit to up to 2 teaspoons . The brewing time should be from 2 to 5 minutes . Please remember that the longer the tea is brewed , the stronger and deeper its flavor will be. After brewing, simply add cold water in a 1:1 ratio to the previously used hot water and ice cubes to speed up the cooling process. Optionally, instead of adding ice cubes, the prepared drink can be placed in the refrigerator for about 3-5 hours.

Gaiwan is perfect for making tea.

Gaiwan, a set perfect for brewing tea

What is gaiwan?

A gaiwan is a traditional tea-making vessel , usually made of porcelain or glass . The set consists of a cup , lid and stand . To prepare the tea, rinse the cup with boiling water to heat it, then add a teaspoon of tea, approx. 250 ml of hot water and leave for a few minutes to infuse. When the infusion is ready, simply pour it into the intended vessel. Thanks to its appropriate structure , gaiwan prevents leaves from getting into the tea. Just hold the lid with your index finger while pouring.

The moment of pouring the tea from the gaiwan into another vessel

The second technique you can use to make iced tea is Cold Brew. Also known as cold brewing tea , which involves extracting the flavor and aroma of tea using cold water for an extended period of time. Unlike traditional hot tea brewing, Cold Brew does not require the use of hot water . Instead, the tea is prepared by soaking the tea leaves in cold water for a specific period of time. Because the steeping process takes longer, the more delicate and less bitter components of the tea are extracted. Cold brew teas are often appreciated for their refreshing note and low caffeine content .

Basilur Tea Master Iced Tea Tips:

  • Make sure to always keep the tea at room temperature until ready to serve, then add ice to it to keep it consistent in strength . If the infusion is too strong, it can be diluted with filtered water.
  • We do not recommend storing iced tea in the refrigerator for too long , as it may become cloudy (however, this does not affect the quality of the infusion) and may also lose its freshness over time.
  • To prepare sweet iced tea , add sweetener to the tea concentrate after steeping but before adding colder water . For black teas, we recommend using cane sugar to obtain a caramel flavor. In the case of green teas, honey works best.

If you want to share this information with your friends and family, we have an easy-to-follow recipe that will help you prepare the perfect Basilur Fruit Infusion iced tea.

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