Tea gift ideas for Christmas!

Christmas is inevitably approaching , and that means a hectic period of buying gifts for your loved ones. If you are looking for inspiration for a unique gift, we would like to present you teas and sets from Basilur that will be perfect for this purpose. Our mixtures will not only warm you up in winter and frosty times, but also make the time spent with your loved ones more pleasant.

Here are some Christmas tea suggestions that will be perfect as a Christmas gift!


Christmas Advent Calendar VI

Advent calendar with 24 flavors of Basilur teas.

Thanks to it, you or your loved ones will have a better time waiting for Christmas Eve! The set in the form of a beautifully decorated calendar , which perfectly reflects the atmosphere of the holidays , contains 24 unique flavors . You will find compositions of black, green, white and fruit teas. Such diversity means that everyone will certainly find something for themselves in this set!


Joyful Celebrations

Basilur Joyful Celebrations black loose leaf tea with cinnamon and apple.

Basilur Joyful Celebrations tea is an ideal proposition for lovers of citrus-spicy combinations . Ceylon black tea leaves have been enriched with aromatic cinnamon , sweet notes of apple and dry-bitter orange . These flavors undoubtedly bring to mind the most magical time of the year!

Berry Serenade

Basilur Berry Serenade tea inspired by Spanish wine.

Tea inspired by a Spanish drink made of red wine – does it sound interesting? Basilur Berry Serenade will surprise you with its unique taste sensations! The mixture combines the intense taste of the highest quality black tea with sweet and sour fruit notes, all complemented by a delicate rose accent.

Teas from the Basilur Wine Tea collection.

Nostalgic set

A set of Basilur Nostalgic Christmas teas in a book-shaped can.

Enjoy every sip of infusions that capture the essence of the flavors and smells of sweets associated with the holidays! This will be possible thanks to Basilur Nostalgic . This is a set that includes teas with unique notes appreciated by tea lovers from all over the world. You will find black Ceylon teas enriched with the aromas of blueberry muffin , cookies with cream , cotton candy and gingerbread. An additional advantage of the set is its packaging, which is a can styled in the shape of a book , which adds chic and elegance to the whole.


Merry Berries sets

A set of Christmas teas from the Merry Berries collection.

Basilur tea sets from the Merry Berries collection contain blends that have been appreciated by tea connoisseurs. They will certainly steal the hearts of people who love Christmas flavors and aromas! The box decorated with an Advent wreath contains 4 different types of tea in an express version . You will find compositions such as - Raspberry & Chocolate, Barberry & Cinnamon, Gooseberry & Vanilla, Elderberry & Honey.

Christmas is a special time that should be celebrated , among other things, by exchanging gifts with your loved ones. We hope that our entry inspired you and helped you find a gift that will sweeten and warm the holiday season. The unique combinations of Basilur tea flavors will surely pleasantly surprise your loved ones and bring them a lot of joy!

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