Which 4 teas should coffee lovers try?

Which 4 teas should coffee lovers try?

Coffee lovers, it's time . Try to break away from the daily habit of drinking a cup of coffee and try something new ! Here are 4 teas that will give you the same caffeine boost as your morning coffee , but with all the health benefits that come from drinking infusions.

Assam Tea

The moment of straining the tea leaves

What to do when you want to give up coffee but still want caffeine stimulation ? Then Assam tea will be the perfect choice for you! The rich color of the infusion itself is quite mesmerizing . The tea has a malty taste and is exceptionally fresh , which distinguishes Assam from other teas. With half the caffeine found in coffee (though about twice as much as other black teas), you can stay active much longer without feeling any signs of fatigue or "caffeine shock." For better taste, you can add a large portion of milk and a sweetener - sugar or honey.

Peppermint Tea

Green mint tea with lemon

If you are interested in something that does not contain caffeine , mint tea will be the perfect choice . It will stimulate you and refresh you in a more natural way than a cup of coffee. In addition, after drinking it, you will experience the health benefits of consuming herbal teas. Peppermint Tea has antibacterial , antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. It can therefore help with many health problems such as indigestion , bad breath and bacterial and viral infections . Tea connoisseurs suggest drinking mint tea in its rawest form , without the addition of milk or sweeteners , to retain its full nutritional value.


Preparing matcha tea in a special pot

In recent years , matcha has gained popularity as a great alternative to coffee . This is due to its significant caffeine content , which can provide you with the same energy boost as a cup of coffee. However, what makes matcha different is that it gradually releases its caffeine content into the body, unlike coffee, which releases all of its content at once. Therefore, matcha can provide a longer period of feeling energized without a sudden "caffeine rush". Another advantage of choosing matcha is that it is made from minimally processed young tea leaves , which contains the maximum amount of nutrients . So, this versatile drink - whether you try it in a latte or in an old ceramic cup with a bamboo whisk , you will be able to stay energized all day long and enjoy the multitude of nutrients that drinking this drink brings.

Oolong Tea

Chinese green Oolong tea in a glass cup

Oolong is a traditional Chinese green tea . It has a smooth , leafy flavor with a woody aroma . A pleasant surprise for every coffee lover may be the fact that it is roasted . A strong brew will be as delicious as a cup of coffee . In addition , it will have the addition of sweet floral notes ! Like other green teas, oolong tea is also rich in many nutrients that will provide health benefits such as weight loss , improved brain function and skin health .

We hope these 4 blends will make your transition from drinking coffee to tea smoother . If you still ca n't find a tea that suits you, we encourage you to contact us and let us know what flavors or sensations you are missing. Our team is always striving to bring more diversity into our clients' lives!

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