Is it possible to match the perfect tea to any time of day?

Is it possible to match the perfect tea to any time of day?

You can assign the perfect tea to any time of day . Different infusions have different benefits that are more useful at certain times of the day than others. Fitting cups of specific teas into your daily routine can sometimes seem overwhelming with so many options available . What's more, trying to figure out what type of drink to drink at which point in the day can lead to even more confusion . We hope this post serves as a guide , giving you an idea of ​​how drinking certain types of tea can help us feel energized in the morning, calm down before bed, and more.

Which teas are best in the morning?

Woman enjoying hot tea in the morning

We all know that a warm cup of tea can improve your mood , relax you and make the world seem almost perfect . And what better way to start the day than with black tea ? The caffeine it contains can provide mental alertness and physical energy , making it an excellent substitute for coffee . And adding milk or sugar can make black tea taste even better !

The first thing to consider when choosing types of black tea is the region it comes from , as this influences their flavor profile . For example, that from Kenya is lighter , while Ceylon black tea has a rich flavor profile without the addition of milk (although many people prefer it with milk ). Regardless of whether you want a bolder flavor or a more soothing one , there is a black tea for everyone ! Here are some of our recommendations.

English Breakfast

Basilur English Breakfast black tea in a can

Masala Chai

Basilur Masala Chai black tea with spices in a can

Earl Grey

Basilur Earl Gray black tea with bergamot in a can


Oolong tea is the perfect drink for those who love black tea but find it too intense . It carries the same benefits without the bitterness or astringency that is associated with a long fermentation process. This also makes Oolong a great morning drink if you want to start your day on a less caffeinated note!

White Moon

Basilur White Moon Green Tea and Oolong Tea in a Can

White Magic

Basilur White Magic green tea with milk aroma in a can

What teas are best for the afternoon?

The moment of pouring green tea into a glass cup

Choosing the right cup of tea can save you from an afternoon activity slump . This is also a great time to drink a cup of green or white tea as they can give you energy without the caffeine hit and help you concentrate while keeping you motivated throughout the day.

Green tea is the perfect drink to end your lunch because it has probiotic properties that aid digestion . You can drink it both hot and iced . Contains enough caffeine to give you energy without making you shaky!


Basilur Green green tea in a decorative tin

Tea Book Volume III

Basilur Tae Book Vol. III green tea with the addition of cranberries in decorative packaging

Wild Strawberry with Ceylon Green Tea

Basilur Wild Strawberry with Ceylon Green Tea in a can

If you're not a big fan of the bitter , grassy taste of green tea , white tea may be a good choice for you. It is made from younger leaves and is minimally oxidized, which gives it a smooth flavor . White teas also retain most of their nutrients thanks to minimal processing . This fact makes them a good afternoon entertainment .

Chinese Collection White Tea

Basilur Chinese Collection White Tea in a decorative cone


Limited edition of Basilur Silver Tips tea

Which teas are best for the evening?

A good cup of tea can be the perfect way to end the day . Choosing a brew that contains little or no caffeine will help you sleep well at night ! Therefore, for the evening we recommend caffeine-free mixtures , such as fruit infusions or herbal teas . If you feel drawn to herbal blends , we recommend choosing chamomile as it has many pain-relieving properties and helps you relax .

Summer Fiesta Fruit Infusions Assortment

Basilur Summer Fiesta Fruit Infusions tea set in decorative packaging

Blood Orange Fruit Infusion

Basilur Blood Orange Fruit Infusion tea in a can with a fruit motif

Cold Brew Pomegranate Blueberry

Basilur Cold Brew Pomegranate Blueberry Iced Tea


You may not have realized how important obtaining energy from tea can be for your body and why you should consume this energy at different times of the day . Each blend available provides quite a few health benefits , as well as a range of antioxidants that can provide optimal potential when consumed at specific times. Timing helps us continue to enhance these benefits for their fullest effect !

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