Which teas were honored at Great Taste 2021?

Which teas were honored at Great Taste 2021?

As a pioneer in the Sri Lankan tea industry , all our efforts are focused on creating unique blends and authentic experiences using the best teas from around the world. We are pleased to announce that four Basilur tea blends have been awarded in the Great Taste Awards presented by the Guild of Fine Food (GFF) - for the second year in a row!

Winning this prestigious award , which is available to any brand from any country in the world, is testimony to the fact that Basilur is one of the most loved brands in the world . Additionally, the awards are presented by over 800 professionals who analyze 10,000-12,000 products each year based on multiple criteria to identify the best entries in each food and beverage category .

Which 4 teas were awarded in the Great Taste Awards competition?

English Breakfast

Basilur English Breakfast black tea without additives

English Breakfast is known for its refreshing character and taste . It offers a dark brown infusion . Due to its strong taste , it is perfect for people who prefer black tea . The judges believe that it can be enjoyed both with and without milk because, even with additives, it retains its character .

Caramel Dream

Basilur Caramel Dream black tea with caramel aroma

The judges called the blend " a good combination of aroma and tea ." In addition to the freshness and bright color of the infusion after brewing, Caramel Dream provides the perfect balance between the classic taste of black tea and caramel notes . The jurors paid particular attention to these notes - specifically their broad spectrum , which includes the taste of toffee , cream and vanilla .

Uva Tea

Basilur Uva black tea without additives

Uva is one of the favorite blends of our customers around the world, from Russia to the United States to South Korea. The mixture is characterized by a refreshing taste and a bright color of the infusion , to which you can add some milk - pure tea or with an addition; it always tastes delicious .

The judges found Uva to be a pleasant tea of ​​very good quality and fresh character . Moreover, the mixture was appreciated for its mildness , which makes it smooth and full of flavor .

Coconut Pineapple Cold Brew

Basilur Cold Brew fruit tea with pineapple and coconut

The latest innovation from Basilur, which took the market by storm in the summer , was also awarded. This refreshing blend is perfect for cold brewing , and the competition jurors appreciated it for this very aspect. After brewing, the tea turns bright red in the cup. When it comes to taste, the combination of juicy pineapple and creamy coconut notes provides the perfect balance between acidity and tartness . The distinct aroma of the composition enhances the sensations of drinking it. A great base for a non-alcoholic summer punch - although a bit of rum will also be a delicious addition!

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