What teas are best for spring?

What teas are best for spring?

For us at Basilur, spring is always a time to celebrate with a colorful brew . Whether you're looking for cold-brewed tea to cool off on a sunny afternoon or to serve your loved ones for a festive spring picnic , a cup of tea is waiting for you . Here are some of our best spring picks !

Two glasses of tea surrounded by flowers

Flower teas

Dried flower tea

You can't talk about spring teas without mentioning flower teas . Our infusion mixtures are made from a bouquet of the best flowers , such as roses , jasmine , lavender , cornflower , hibiscus and chamomile . The petals and buds of these flowers are selected according to the tea to add different textures , flavors and aromas to the blend. Not only are these delicate teas good for when you want to add color to your cup , but blends like chamomile tea are also very popular for their medicinal uses . Many of these flowers have calming properties as well as antioxidants that are sure to help you get that spring glow !

Basilur Bouquet Collection and Vintage Blossoms Collection is an assortment of pure Ceylon tea blended with sweet , subtle fruit and flower aromas . So you know where to look for your flower tea.

Fruit Teas

Dried fruit tea

These teas are a wonderful reminder of the harvest of fresh fruit nurtured by the warm spring sun . The great thing about fruit teas is that you can choose light , subtle blends or rich and strong ones , depending on your taste. Our fruit infusions , mixed with the best black teas from Ceylon, are the perfect choice for a cold infusion on a warm afternoon! They will not only add flavor to your spring , but will also evoke the first thoughts about the upcoming summer .

The Basilur Magic Fruits collection includes everything from classic fruit teas like Lemon & Lime to innovative concoctions like Raspberry & Rosehip .

Green teas

Dried green tea

Greenery and flowers are definitely the first things that come to your mind when you think about spring . So, when we talk about this time of year, green tea is another must-have . Light flavors with floral notes can be a perfect way to add energy during or after a warm spring day .

The great thing about green tea is that you can choose from different infusion strengths and flavors depending on your taste. If you are looking for an energy boost , a strong cup of Sencha is your best choice . On the other hand, if you are looking for a tea that you can slow down with, you should go for a light-tasting Oolong tea.

Tea with ginger

White teas

Dried white tea

We deeply believe that spring should be celebrated with delicate flavors , and there is nothing gentler than a cup of white tea ! This unique infusion is made from the youngest leaves , which are very gently processed . Its smooth consistency has made it a favorite among connoisseurs . White tea from our Chinese collection is one of the most perfect teas in the world . It's a great way to give yourself or a loved one a gift!

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