What's the best way to brew Ceylon black tea?

What's the best way to brew Ceylon black tea?

At Basilur, we believe that brewing tea is an art that all tea lovers should master ! We want to show you how to properly brew Ceylon black tea . All Basilur tea compositions are created in such a way that you can enjoy the same experience regardless of whether you choose our loose leaf tea or tea bags.

How to brew black loose leaf tea?

  1. For best results, boil filtered tap or spring water. Remember to never use mineral water .
  2. Heat the vessel in which the tea will be brewed with hot water. Just pour a little boiling water into the jug and then pour it out after a while.
  3. Measure the amount of tea carefully. We recommend using 1 teaspoon of tea leaves for every 200-250 ml. If you brew tea in a pot, remember the golden rule : "one teaspoon for you and one for the pot."
  4. After placing the herbs in the teapot, pour hot water directly onto the tea leaves and close the lid.
  5. After 2 minutes, remove the lid , stir everything and put the lid back on.
  6. Steam the leaves for another 2-3 minutes .
  7. After brewing, pour the tea into a cup using a strainer to prevent the leaves from getting into the cup.
  8. Remember not to re-infuse the black tea leaves , as the resulting infusion will not provide the same flavor expected from real black tea.
  9. Cheers!

What is the right temperature to brew tea?

The temperature of the water used plays a large role in the taste of Ceylon tea. Black tea should be brewed in such a way as to highlight its firm , expressive and aromatic character . Although we recommend a lower water temperature for green or oolong teas, black tea should be brewed immediately after the water boils (90-100 ° C) to ensure deep extraction and complete infusion to bring out its deep and strong flavor . We also recommend using a ceramic or porcelain tea set to maintain the appropriate water temperature .

Brewed black Ceylon tea in a cup and teapot

Did you know that you can personalize Basilur teas?

Adapting the tea to your own preferences is extremely simple. If you prefer a stronger-tasting black tea, brew more leaves to achieve a higher leaf-to-water ratio in the cup. Although we don't recommend brewing black tea for longer than 5 minutes , the longer you brew the tea, the deeper and more intense its flavor becomes. You can also use various additives , such as honey, sugar or lemon , to enrich the taste of the infusion.

Brewed black loose leaf tea, honey and lime

Can you add milk to black tea?

Ceylon black tea goes great with milk and sugar . This is a common combination in Asia, especially Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan. If you are tasting Ceylon black tea for the first time, we recommend you first try it as nature intended , without any additives.

You can then start experimenting and comparing flavors by adding different spices. Ultimately, your taste buds will decide what is best for you , so let your senses be your guide ! However, make sure you do not add milk or sweeteners until the tea is properly brewed.

How to brew Ceylon black tea with milk

If you have any questions or concerns about brewing Basilur tea, please contact us!

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