What is the culture of giving tea?

What is the culture of giving tea?

Tea has connected people for centuries. That's why we believe it is the perfect gift for any occasion . There's nothing like telling a story, meeting friends or discussing a new taste experience over a cup of tea . The entire culture of tea drinking is designed to help us slow down and enjoy life to the fullest, from beautifully handmade jugs and cups to fresh and aromatic tea that stops us for a while. The invitation to slow down , taste , connect with friends and enjoy is one of the most powerful gifts you can give. The culture of giving tea includes many different elements, so here are some of Basilur's selected reasons why tea is a perfect gift.

Is tea healthy?

The gift of tea is considered the gift of good health . The Chinese have been drinking tea for health and well-being for many thousands of years , since it was discovered. Moreover, recent research has led to widespread recognition of tea around the world as an excellent health-promoting agent . It contains antioxidants , vitamins , minerals and many other beneficial compounds. It is important to drink different types of high-quality tea regularly and introduce it into your daily lifestyle . In many cultures around the world, the gift of tea is considered a gift of long life .

Tea in a red-tinted glass

Does tea have a positive effect on the body?

Buddhist monks discovered the secret power of tea during long hours of meditation because it helped them relax and calm their minds. This is due to a unique amino acid substance in tea called L-theanine , which dynamically interacts with caffeine to help us maintain focus and alertness . Matcha green tea is particularly rich in this substance and plays a central role in tea ceremonies such as Chadō in Japan. It is for this additional boost of concentration that it is worth drinking tea regularly throughout the day.

Ignite the World Explorer within you.

Tea certainly gives us the opportunity to discover different cultures of the world . Take, for example, the warming Basilur Masala Chai tea , which combines a blend of spices based on Ayurvedic medicine and strong Ceylon black tea inspired by the British tea drinking tradition. A small cup hides the colonial history of India . Each tea has a different story and an invitation to discover the inner world explorer in each of us.

Basilur Fact: Did you know that the origins of chai tea date back over 5,000 years , when a king in present-day India commissioned the creation of a medicinal drink for use in Ayurveda? The original versions of "masala chai" did not contain Camellia sinensis tea leaves . The addition of tea, milk and sugar became popular many thousands of years later , when the British began growing tea in India and popularized tea as a beverage.

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How does tea bring friends and family together?

Meeting over a cup of tea has a unique power to unite friends and family. While enjoying an aromatic drink, the door to inspiring conversations , warm memories and intimate moments opens. Tea creates an atmosphere conducive to mutual understanding , builds bonds and creates unforgettable moments. Regardless of the occasion, from everyday meetings to ceremonial celebrations , it is over a cup of tea that memories are created that remain in our hearts forever .

Which tea to choose as a gift?

A well -matched tea to the preferences of the recipient is an almost perfect gift . Different types of tea have completely different characters and may suit different people. For those who prefer delicate flavors, white tea will be an excellent choice, while for lovers of floral aromas, oolong will be perfect. However, those who like intense flavor may appreciate the richness of Ceylon black teas . The ability to tailor the tea to your individual preferences makes the gift even more personal and unique .

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