Kingsleaf Dream Time Crimson – bezkofeinowa herbata z dodatkiem hibiskusa, papai, jabłka, wiśni, truskawki, goji oraz aromatu truskawki i maliny. Kompozycja została umieszczona w puszce, która kształtem przypomina zegarek kieszonkowy.
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Kingsleaf - Dream Time Crimson - 30 g

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    Fruit decaffeinated tea with the addition of hibiscus, papaya, apple, cherry, strawberry, goji and strawberry and raspberry aroma.
    A mixture of dried flowers and candied fruits produces an infusion with an extremely sensual scent. Kingsleaf Dream Time Crimson is also distinguished by its delicious combination of fruity and floral flavor. It perfectly combines the tartness of goji with the sourness of hibiscus and the sweetness of strawberries and raspberries.
    The composition was placed in a metal can that has the shape of a pocket watch. The form and dark colors give the packaging exclusivity and make the whole thing a perfect gift for a tea connoisseur!
    • By choosing the world-renowned Kingsleaf brand, you can be sure that you are reaching for real Ceylon tea , the authenticity of which is confirmed by the Ceylon Tea Symbol Of Quality certificate.
    • Kingsleaf tea is made without the use of any ozone-depleting substances, as evidenced by the Ozone Friendly Pure Ceylon Tea certificate.
    • 100% natural ingredients and aromas.
    • Unique packaging in the form of a metal can in the shape of a pocket watch.
    • A great idea for a luxurious gift for a loved one.
    • The mixture is placed in an inner zip-top bag to keep it fresh and full flavor.
    • Zero Waste can - reusable.

      Detailed information:

      Net weight: 30 g

      Ingredients: hibiscus (23%), natural papaya (20%), apple (19.2%), cherry (15%), strawberry (10%), goji (10%) and strawberry (2%) and raspberry flavors ( 0.8%).

      Country of origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

      Packaging: reusable metal can, inside a string bag with tea.

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