Basilur Specialty Classics - zestaw 5 smaków herbat z Cejlonu. 10 torebek w ozdobnym, czarnym pudełku z logo Basilur.
Basilur Specialty Classics - zestaw 5 smaków herbat z Cejlonu. 10 torebek w ozdobnym, czarnym pudełku z logo Basilur.
Basilur Specialty Classics - zestaw 5 smaków herbat z Cejlonu. 10 torebek w ozdobnym, czarnym pudełku z logo Basilur.
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Specialty Classics - Assorted - 10 bags

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    A collection of 5 flavors of renowned teas By connoisseurs of Specialty Classics collections:

    Ceylon Premium - Ceylon black tea
     without additionals. It gives a wonderfully aromatic infusion with a beautiful amber color . Perfect any time.

    English Breakfast - black Ceylon tea without additives . Excellent stimulating composition with intense flavor and dark color of the infusion - a traditional English-style blend for making strong breakfast tea. Perfect for starting the day - it will add energy and improve your mood.

    Darjeeling - Indian black tea without additives. It gives an infusion with an exquisite bouquet with noticeable notes of Muscat wine and fresh, floral accents. Darjeeling tea bushes are grown at an altitude of over 2,000 meters above sea level , in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is one of the most popular and desired teas around the world - called by connoisseurs the champagne of teas.

    Sencha - Ceylon green tea without additives. This composition, inspired by Japanese tradition, produces a bright, golden-yellow infusion with a mild, spring flavor , noticeable plant notes and a sweet finish. Thanks to the delicate processing process, it retains its refreshing character without excessive bitterness.

    Earl Gray - Ceylon black tea plus bergamot aroma. The amber color of the infusion and a refreshing, velvety taste with a captivating citrus note - a true classic for tea lovers.

    Taste each composition and choose your favorite!

    • By choosing the globally recognized Basilur brand, you can be sure that you are reaching for real Ceylon tea , the authenticity of which is confirmed by the Ceylon Tea Symbol Of Quality certificate .
    • Basilur tea is produced without the use of any substances that deplete the ozone layer, as evidenced by the Ozone Friendly Pure Ceylon Tea certificate.
    • A great idea for a luxurious gift for a loved one.
    • Bags packed are singly In decorative envelopes, so the tea stays fresh
      and full flavor in every a cup of infusion.
    • There are tea bags fully biodegradable - they do not contain staples , and the paper from which they are made is certified OK Compost INDUSTRIAL.

    Detailed information:

    Net weight: 19 g (8 x 2 g, 2 x 1.5 g)

    Number of sachets: 10 pcs.

    Sachets in envelopes: YES

    Biodegradable stapleless bags: YES

    Ingredients: Ceylon Premium - 100% Ceylon black tea , English Breakfast - 100% Ceylon black tea, Darjeeling - 100% Indian black tea, Sencha - 100% Ceylon green tea, Earl Grey - Ceylon black tea (98.25%) with bergamot aroma (31.75%).

    Country of origin : Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

    International tea quality class designation:

    BOPF (Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings) - the main grade of tea in Ceylon. Finely cut tea with uniform small particle sizes, without buds. Used to produce high-quality instant teas.
    FNGS (Fannings) - characterized by fine, longitudinal fibers and longitudinally broken leaves. Used to produce high-quality instant teas.

    Packaging: decorative box, inside tea bags in envelopes.

    Package dimensions: 6.5 x 5.5 x 8 cm

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    Całkiem ok, ale Earl Grey najlepszy! :)

    Dziękujemy za zaufanie i dokonane zakupy! Herbata Earl Grey jest zdecydowanie jednym z najlepszych klasyków.