How to organize an afternoon tea at home?

How to organize an afternoon tea at home?

With most of us confined to our homes to protect both our health and those around us, we have lost the opportunity to go out and spend time with our loved ones . But nothing stops us from creating something like normality with the people who live with us . So we thought of creating a comprehensive guide on how you can host afternoon tea in your own home and entertain your inner tea lover !

How to prepare for afternoon tea?

One of the most important steps to preparing afternoon tea at home is to create an atmosphere that will make you feel as if you were out with friends , enjoying a luxurious setting . There are a few more things you can do to create the right atmosphere.

The first step you can take is to decorate the table with a tablecloth . In our experience, floral or lace tablecloths fit perfectly into the afternoon tea theme. If you want to make it more fun, hang some bunting to decorate your surroundings. If you're feeling motivated, you can bake some biscuits in the shape of the previously mentioned banners as an edible decoration. Another fun edible decoration idea is cookies where you can write the names of all your guests with icing. You can then add the final touch with a bouquet of flowers to add some freshness and color to your table!

What teas are perfect for afternoon tea?

Without a doubt, the tea you choose will be the highlight of your tea party . Depending on the taste and preferences of you and your guests, there is a wide selection of teas. Here are some of our favorites!

Earl Gray - this is definitely one of the best black teas in the world . The tartness of this tea goes well with sweet treats such as scones and shortbread cookies.

Ceylon Black Tea - Quite possibly the best tea in the world , Ceylon black tea will bring bold , rich flavors to your afternoon tea. Some of our favorite Ceylon teas for afternoon tea include; Nuwaraeliya , Orange Pekoe , Uva and Dimbula.

Darjeeling – Nicknamed the “ Champagne of Teas ”, it can certainly help classify your tea party.

Mint Tea – if you are organizing a tea party to break away from the monotony of staying at home and refresh yourself , we think mint tea is the best choice !

Green Tea – for some of us, nothing relaxes as much as a cup of warm green tea . You can choose from a wide range of green teas such as oolong and sencha . Green teas with fruity notes also go well with fruit cakes and buns.

What snacks go well with tea?

A table set with afternoon tea desserts

What makes afternoon tea so special are the snacks that complement the tea. There is a wide range of desserts and treats that you can choose from to add flavor and variety to your feast. Here are some of our favorites;

Scones - no afternoon tea is complete without them ! This English delicacy is light and complements tea perfectly . In addition to classic rolls, you can diversify your table with fruit or nut rolls.

Sandwiches - In addition to being one of the best savory snacks for tea , sandwiches can also be a quick snack if you're in a hurry. Here are some of our favorite tea sandwiches:

  • Mini sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato
  • Egg salad sandwiches
  • Turkey tarragon sandwiches
  • Mini sandwich (ribbon sandwiches)

Biscuits - This is another great snack to complement your tea . You can even buy ready-made dough so you can quickly bake cookies during your party. Traditionally, shortbread cookies are essential for this type of event . But you can always get creative and put your own spin on ordinary biscuits with innovative ideas like millionaire shortbread , ginger biscuits , or red velvet chocolate chip cookies .

We hope this guide will help you plan an amazing tea party from the comfort of your own home and regain a little bit of normality until the time comes when it is safe to go out and enjoy a luxurious afternoon tea with our loved ones. Stay safe and healthy !

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