Why is drinking tea in winter good for you?

Why is drinking tea in winter good for you?

One of the great things about tea is that whether it's hot or cold outside , there is a position that is perfect for any given situation . As we all know, it is synonymous with warmth , comfort and nutrition . So a cup of infusion in winter can be like a warm hug . In addition, the wealth of nutrients contained in tea helps cleanse the mind , body and soul . Since cold weather makes your body more susceptible to illness, drinking a cup of tea regularly can help you stay healthy in many ways!

How does tea increase metabolism?

There is no doubt that winters make each of us lazy. So, we can definitely use something that will help us speed up our metabolism . Research shows that regularly drinking a cup or two of tea a day can help increase fat oxidation in the body and speed up your metabolism . Green tea in particular can help with this due to its thermogenic properties . The process of thermogenesis helps you burn calories as you absorb and digest food as you eat it. It also helps greatly in weight loss . Because our bodies sweat very little in the winter, this process can help you lose weight that you wouldn't otherwise have.

Why does tea improve your mood?

Cold weather can often trigger feelings of melancholy and other seasonal affective disorders. A cup of tea can sometimes be an easy fix . This is because the amino acids found in tea can help trigger the production of hormones such as serotonin and dopamine , which can help improve your mood . In addition to traditional teas, herbal teas such as rose , jasmine and chamomile tea can also help improve your mood .

How does tea relieve colds?

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Winters can weaken the immune system. Freezing weather often causes illness. Drinking 2-3 cups of warm tea daily can often help with colds , sore throats , fevers , and mild chest congestion . In addition to relieving any illnesses you may be suffering from at the moment, drinking tea regularly can also help protect against potential infections and infections . So, as the weather gets colder, pouring yourself a warm cup of tea can pave the way to a healthy winter .

* Fever, dry cough, fatigue, difficulty breathing and chest pain may be symptoms of Covid-19. If these symptoms occur, seek medical advice.

How does tea help get rid of winter laziness?

Cold weather usually makes us all lazy. Experts say this is mainly due to the fact that in winter our bodies absorb less sunlight , which makes us more sleepy and lethargic . This means that we need additional impulse from inside our body to keep us moving. Tea can be a great solution to this. It contains substances such as caffeine , theobromine , L-theanine and theophylline , which can be a great source of energy for your body. It can help stimulate your brain , central nervous system and improve your mood , which will be great for your productivity during the day. In fact, the biggest benefit of tea as a stimulant is that because tea facilitates the slow absorption of caffeine , it helps prevent the "caffeine high" caused by drinks like coffee, which deplete your energy very quickly.

To sum up, tea can be a wonderful drink that will soothe the body , mind and soul in the winter. So we hope you stay healthy and safe this winter with a warm cup of tea to accompany you. Merry Christmas !

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