Is tea the perfect gift?

Is tea the perfect gift?

Giving gifts is a global tradition that poses a challenge to many . Finding the perfect gift is difficult. Most of us want to find a gift for the special people in our lives but have no idea where to start.

So what is the perfect gift ? Although it is almost impossible to find a gift that will make everyone happy, we strongly believe that tea is an item that comes close to this ideal . Behind the beautifully designed packaging stands tea , which is a wonderful gift of nature . Though a crowd pleaser, tea at its best is a truly personal gift and a way to someone's heart .

What are the different flavors of Ceylon tea and how can you personalize your tea gifts?

Let's start with taste , because it is one of the most important aspects of any drink. Ceylon tea is known all over the world for its excellent taste . What's more, there are many different types of tea, which means you can personalize the gift you buy for your loved one.

Depending on the preferences of the recipient, you can choose floral and delicate white tea, milky oolong, as well as expressive and intense black tea. Today, there are thousands of varieties of tea , each with a unique character !

A cup of Ceylon green tea, surrounded by roses

How to show a loved one that we care about them?

Tea has tons of beneficial benefits . The Chinese have been drinking tea for their well-being since its discovery several thousand years ago . Recent research has led to tea being recognized in the West as excellent for our health. Tea contains antioxidants , vitamins , minerals and much more.

Taoist legend goes : Giving tea is a sign that you care about your loved ones and have just made their daily approach to doing something good for themselves a little easier.

Is tea the perfect gift for your loved ones?

Tea stimulates the mind , helps maintain awareness and de-stress . Drinking tea helps us stay "in the moment" and stay calm , and the tea itself contains l-theanine , which promotes relaxation . It also improves concentration , alertness and fights fatigue . The tea is soothing , relaxing and perfectly relieves stress ; which, as we all know, is part and parcel of maintaining beauty inside and out.

BASILUR FACT: Buddhism, meditation and tea have been closely linked since ancient times in China and Japan. Those who practiced Buddhism were not allowed to eat or sleep so that they could focus on their meditation practice, but they were allowed to drink tea . It helped them stay focused on their goal , stay awake during meditation, and become a central part of their daily lives .

Basilur Masala Chai Ceylon Tea

How does tea help you discover the world?

Tea is one of the best ways to discover the world .

The warming Basilur Masala Chai was inspired by Indian tea, the base of which is Ceylon black tea with the aromatic addition of rich , natural spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. A small and inconspicuous cup hides the entire history of India and will take you on a journey to the famous , colorful world of Bollywood .

Each tea tells a different story and is an invitation to awaken the world explorer within you .

A set of Basilur Ceylon tea in a decorative wooden display

Tea is truly unique and a thoughtful gift that can be given to friends, family and loved ones, or served to guests on special occasions or holidays .

At Basilur, we truly believe that tea is more than just a drink , which is why we have over 150 different products perfect as a gift .


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