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As we navigate unprecedented times , we could all find solace and solace in the simple pleasures of music and tea . They have more in common than you think . First, they are a great medium to enjoy absorbing different cultures. Moreover, tea and music together can create the perfect and unique atmosphere to relax and reflect on your feelings , both alone and with your loved ones.

What do music and tea have in common?

Each song you listen to evokes different feelings and experiences in you. What's unique is that tea also has the ability to create different moods and emotions depending on what's in your cup. Because tea can release caffeine into your body gradually - unlike coffee - it has the ability to give you energy for longer , so you won't have to experience the annoying caffeine drop . What's more, the antioxidants in tea also help you feel more energized and refreshed ! Similarly, music also has the ability to make you feel better. When you listen to cheerful, upbeat music, your brain is stimulated to produce hormones such as dopamine and serotonin , which make you feel joyful and happy . When we listen to angry, loud music or soothing, relaxing music, it causes us to reciprocate similar feelings. So music and tea are undoubtedly essential elements of a life well lived !

Since peace often accompanies music and tea , our first impression is that a rich cup of tea and good music is pure pleasure on a cold , dreary day . But at Basilur we like to think differently. We believe that there is a perfect tea with a perfect song for every occasion , whether you are relaxing after a long day of work or spending time with your family during the holidays!

What music boxes are in the Music Concert collection?

Basilur Music Concert Collection is designed to provide you with the finest Ceylon black tea with exotic fruit and flower flavors combined with harmonized melodies for a musical experience .


Basilur Circus black tea in a decorative tin

Music Concert Circus Tea provides a beautiful blend of exquisite ingredients to create a sensational cup of tea. It consists of pure black Ceylon tea , natural papaya , raisins and sweet almond and vanilla aromas . This makes it the perfect drink to enjoy at any time of the day and a perfect addition to a refreshing iced tea !


Basilur London black tea in a decorative copper tin

The Music Concert London will introduce you to the unique atmosphere of an elegant English music concert . With 100% pure Ceylon black tea , natural red cornflower and chocolate flavors , it is a truly unique , sweet experience for your taste buds. And a perfect infusion at any time of the day , with or without a bit of sugar.


Basilur Pets black tea in a decorative orange can

Music Concert Pets is an explosion of fruity flavors that are sure to immediately satisfy your taste buds . Natural mango , pineapple , strawberry and cornflower combined with the best black tea from Ceylon is the perfect mixture to create a sweet, sensational infusion. This mixture is perfect to eat cold or hot with a little sugar.


Basilur Christmas black tea in a decorative gold tin

Christmas is certainly incomplete without the music that accompanies the season. Music Concert's Christmas mix is ​​the perfect concoction for relaxing in the warmth on a cold winter night . This exclusive tea captures the flavors and joy of Christmas with an enticing blend of pure Ceylon black tea . This is a real Christmas treat that can be enjoyed by the fireplace at any time of the day!


Basilur Romantic tea in a green can

Love is in the air - and the fragrance emanating from your cup of tea - thanks to Basilur Music Concert Romantic tea. A romantic infusion of mango , pineapple and strawberries creates a perfect mixture that will provide you and your loved one with an unforgettable tea drinking experience . The mix and melody are definitely a match made in heaven !

While there is no good or bad tea music, there are certainly some more suitable choices than others. Music is the perfect accompaniment to your cup of brew to give you a great tea experience . Wherever you are and with whom you are, tea and music combine human expression with an experience that will allow you to find solace , contentment and love .

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